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repair service phone numberWhen you hire a roofing contractor, you want a company that can do more than patch a hole or fix a leak. You want someone who understands customer service and can respond to your job with urgency and time-sensitivity. Here at Spicer Bros. roofing company in Denton MD and surrounding regions, we operate one of the most experienced service fleets in the region. We promptly respond to your roofing problems because we understand that fast and affordable repairs are critical to your residential or commercial safety.

Estimating Service Work or Roofing Repairs

Free estimates are not offered for service related work. With your help we have found that it is less costly to the consumer if we can come to resolve the issue in our first visit. If we have to send out an estimator, then follow it up with a repair technician, your repair will not be completed as efficient or as timely as it should be. There are ways that you can assist in keeping your costs down on service work or roofing repairs, they are as follows;

  • Provide pictures of your damage so we can determine materials needed prior to the visit (pictures can be emailed to the person that took your call or called you)
  • provide any and all known facts of the materials that would be repaired, things such as, brand, color, series etc.
  • Be specific in things such as height or level of the repair, is it a single story, second story or even a third story roof repair
  • Provide a source of payment when calling the office, this gets you in the project queue. Credit cards WILL NOT be billed until the repair or services have been rendered.

We understand that you may not know some of the items above. Providing as much information as you can will reduce visits to your property. Less visits to the supply house to obtain materials for your repair will reduce your charges, as we charge by the hour per man for these services.

Around the Clock Service Department

When disaster hits, you can be confident that as a superior roofing contractor in Lewes DE, our team of skilled and trained experts is just a phone call or click away. Our service department is on-call around the clock 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including holidays. We can manage any building crisis quickly and efficiently and repair all types of roofs. Our service trucks are fully equipped to make necessary repairs according to manufacturer specifications and industry standards. Services we provide include:

  • Emergency response
  • Damage assessment inspections
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Roof repairs and replacement

Spicer Bros. responds quickly to cover your house or business and protect your assets, both inside and out.

Expertise, Knowledge and Commitment

Our exceptional group of roofing contractors in Salisbury MD handles everything, including general roof repairs, new construction projects, preventative maintenance, and building expansions. We provide highly trained service technicians with the expertise, knowledge and commitment to create solutions for your roofing problems.

Whether Spicer Bros. completed the original project or not, we provide exterior services to ensure your peace of mind. We repair dripping gutters, loose siding, leaky roofs, water and wind damage, broken sealants and much more.

Consult the Experts Today

The professionals at Spicer Bros. have specialized training in the construction and roofing industry. Contact us at 410-546-1190 today for a no-obligation quote. You can also use our convenient online request form.

We reserve the right to decide if weather conditions are suitable enough to send our highly trained employees out in. We are not responsible for further damages caused by our inability to perform your repairs.

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