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For all of the protection they provide for our families, our roofing services are remarkably misunderstood and even more underappreciated. Trust us when we say that there’s a lot more to your roof than some shingles lying on top of a single layer of plywood. Thus, the issues that it can experience can be very extensive and complex. Luckily, you have us here at Spicer Bros. Construction to turn to with all of your roofing questions.

Here are a few of the FAQs that we’ve fielded from clients over the years:

Before The Estimate

Do I need to be there for the estimate?

Not necessarily but we encourage you to be there.

Why do we need to have plans for an easy deck or an addition?

It is required for us to obtain a permit and to give you an accurate estimate.

Request an Estimate

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    I am interested in financing.

    I am the homeowner.

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    Proposal Questions

    What exactly are “Apples to Apples”?

    Everything in the scope of work must match and credentials must be equal.

    How are you basing your prices?

    On current industry/trade standards and practices

    What is the difference between the “Systems Plus” warranty and the optional “Golden Pledge” warranty?

    Our installation comes standard with a 10 year workmanship warranty (MD, DE & VA) and a 50 year Systems Plus Manufacturer’s warranty (with GAF roofs). Basically, any issues that derive from the workmanship, quality or hands-on actual installation labor are covered by Spicer Bros. The materials, when installed properly, are covered for a period of 50 years (40 years on commercial properties) by GAF, the manufacturer. The Golden Pledge is a warranty that only a Master Elite Roofing Contractor can offer as we have met critical and specific criteria to obtain the credential. This warranty is a 40 point factory inspection of your roofing project that will then be covered by the manufacturer and leave you protected by them with a Material and Workmanship warranty if Spicer Bros. is no longer in business. Of course, as long as we are here (we intend to be here!) we are your immediate contact for any issues that may arise and we will be sure to accommodate your concerns in a timely manner. In short: Systems Plus = We, Spicer Bros., cover the workmanship and GAF owes you the 50 year on materials. Golden Pledge = GAF covers the ENTIRE roof, labor and materials as specified in their Golden Pledge warranty.

    Another contractor did not propose ridge venting and said we do not need it.

    It is 2009 IBC code to have an air “intake”, either vented soffit at the underside of the eaves (if eaves are present) or DCI Smart Vent installed on the roof deck just over the heated space (if vented eaves are not present) or just inside the outside wall of the home to allow air “intake”. It is also 2009 IBC code to have an exhaust at the roof’s peak to complete the airflow circuit of “intake” and “exhaust”. This is code and these items are necessary to pass an inspection and required for your warranty (that comes free with our “Master Elite” installation) to be valid. Beware of contractors who do not propose venting. They either are not genuine roofing contractors or are cutting items to deliver a low price to be awarded the business. Venting is imperative so moisture does not sit in your home. This is not a corner an informed home owner or reputable contractor would ever cut.

    My neighbor just had his roof replaced and he did not get ridge venting.

    Since the Spring of 2012 all municipalities in this area have been under the 2009 IBC (International Building Code) that requires adequate roof ventilation when updating or replacing an existing roof.

    We have gutter guards (“Gutter Helmet”) on our gutters and were told they need to be removed to prevent damage. Why?

    Gutter guards that are the helmet type will or may need to be removed by the installer if they are under warranty. Our removal and/or re-installation could void the warranty. Please notify your Gutter Guard dealer if you have these to verify the warranty requirements. Most gutter cover types (other than the helmet type) can be covered (instead of removed) as they do not interfere with the roof and we can take care of this at no extra charge.

    I don’t need a 50 year shingle or warranty that you proposed.

    The practical, everyday Architectural GAF shingle that we install comes with this warranty (Systems Plus Warranty) at no extra charge and we cannot take it away from you.

    I just want 3 tab shingles or the cheapest shingle available. Why did you propose the Architectural series?

    At Spicer Bros, we install 3 tab shingles for the same price as Architectural. We encourage the use of Architectural as you, the consumer get a valuable “free” warranty that does not come with the use of 3 tabs for the same amount of money.

    Why is standing seam (metal roofing) so expensive?

    The cost of metal has increased over the past few years and the installation requires highly skilled craftsmen that are paid on their level of expertise. This is a time-consuming installation.

    I do not want to replace my skylights. Why can’t you guarantee the re-use of the existing ones?

    According to Maryland Home Improvement Law, we owe you (Maryland residents) a 10-year workmanship warranty. Most used skylights WILL fail during this 10-year time frame causing damage to the interior for which we cannot be held responsible. We highly encourage the replacement so we can be accountable for the entire installation. If you strongly insist that the current skylights be re-used, you will be asked to sign a waiver relieving Spicer Bros. Construction, Inc. of all damages caused by the failure or re-use of existing skylights.

    Industry information

    What is the difference between standing seam metal roofs and corrugated metal?

    Corrugated installations have exposed fasteners in the roof field which can cause potential leaks after the gasket on the fastener fails within a few years. For this reason, we will only install standing seam metal roofing.

    Do metal roofs rust when exposed to sea air?

    No. We use aluminum and it does not rust.

    What is the difference between soffit and fascia?

    Soffit is Horizontal and Fascia is vertical

    Attic fans? Are they necessary in all attics?

    No. Roofs with little to no ridge poles are ideal for attic fans. Attic fans are site-specific.

    Who should we call when there has been damage to our roof because of Mother Nature? You, or my insurance company?

    It is easiest for you to call the insurance company first and make your claim and then call us.

    What else can cause water leaks in the ceiling if it’s not the roof?

    HVAC drain pan clogs, flashing, sidewalls, windows, etc…

    Prior To The Installation

    Do I have to remove valuables from the walls?

    We highly recommend you do so! Your home is not used to the movement of 4-6 individuals on your roof and we expect your house to shake. If you have china upright in your china cabinet, we suggest you stack it while we work. If you have pictures or valuables of any kind on the wall that you fear will be damaged or may fall please remove them prior to the installation as this is your responsibility. Spicer Bros. Construction, Inc. cannot be held responsible for the contents of your home so please protect your assets!

    Why can’t I have a definite date for my project?

    We schedule our projects on a first-come, first-served basis when possible. Much of what we do is at the mercy of Mother Nature and a rainy day could move up an indoor project or push back an outdoor project. If there is a strong chance of precipitation, our schedulers will move projects around to ensure the safety of our employees and the security of your home. Because many factors go into the schedule; location, deliveries, firm-scheduled inspections, etc., rain may push your project back more than one day. We make every effort to move jobs to the next day when possible.

    What precautions do you take to insure our property will not be damaged?

    Roofing is messy and there may be damage that cannot be prevented. We guarantee that damage will not occur due to negligence, however. We have the best workers in the business and we have invested a lot of money in industry-leading equipment to protect your property. We cover your decks and HVAC units with plywood.

    What happens if it rains or starts raining?

    We pay close attention to the weather and will not start or remove any portions of your roof if precipitation percentages exceed 25%. If it starts to rain or an unexpected storm moves in we have large tarps to cover the structure to eliminate damage.

    I’m having a skylight installed. Do I need to worry about my property inside my home?

    We take great care to be careful not to drop anything into your home. Homeowners must remove valuables and furniture from directly beneath the skylight and cover your floor with a blanket or plastic. Spicer Bros. will not be liable for damages if these precautions were not taken.

    Unrealistic appraisals from insurance companies; aren’t they aware of “today’s” cost of materials?

    Insurance companies will not give the value of a new roof unless it is, in fact, new. They pro-rate the age of the roof out of the estimate and this combined with a deductible most likely means, you will need to come out of pocket. Spicer Bros. gives today’s value of a new roof and the difference between that and what the insurance companies allow is the customer responsibility.

    Will your equipment hurt my irrigation heads?

    YES! If we are putting on siding, gutters, or roofing, please flag your irrigation heads before we get there to make sure we don’t run over them!

    I have septic, can your equipment drive over my septic field?

    Yes, our equipment is not too heavy that it can’t drive over your septic field however, it is your responsibility to tell us if you have septic and to let us know where your field is. PLEASE ALSO FLAG YOUR SEPTIC TANK LOCATION so we do not drive over your tank!

    Will you be tearing off our entire roof at once?

    We will only remove the portion or portions of your roof that we can have covered with new materials on the same day.

    I have screens in my windows. Will the roofing process hurt my screens?

    It is very possible. It is your responsibility to remove the screens from your windows so that a stray shingle does not scratch it.

    The proposal says you will cut the ridge sheathing to install ridge venting. What about the contents of my attic? Do we need to protect them?

    The process of cutting the ridge venting will create dust in your attic. We highly recommend you protect your belongings with a tarp, plastic sheeting, old blankets or whatever you wish. If you need assistance with this process, we are happy to help! Please let us know PRIOR to coming to the job so that we can be prepared to assist. The protection charges are minimal. Please note; our employees are not permitted to handle your belongings.

    How do we afford this?

    We have great financing options through Wells Fargo!

    During The Installation

    Does the “New Roof, No Mess” process or use of the Equipter eliminate all debris?

    The Equipter has changed roofing completely. It eliminates a great majority of the mess. Decks, shrubs, septic areas and other obstructions may hinder its complete use and there may be some mess but, we use it as effectively as your property allows. We have purchased this equipment because we are committed to protecting your home and landscape.

    Does the Equipter damage the yard?

    Although the Equipter has specially designed turf tires suitable for a golf course, the yard can still experience some wear from its use. The typical wear has been matted down grass that bounces back in just a short period of time. If any recent precipitation or use of the irrigation leaves the yard excessively wet, our Supervisor or Project Manager may opt to not use the Equipter on your job. The job can either be re-scheduled keeping in mind that we may have to re-schedule your job around commitments and obligations to other customers currently on the schedule.

    I understand roofing is a messy job and I am worried about finding nails on my property. What is done about this?

    It is part of our process to use our equipment to capture all debris, including nails. When the job is complete, the job supervisor will “magnet sweep” your property to collect any stray nails from the thousands that are ripped from an average roof. We make every effort to get every single nail but, understandably, we cannot guarantee we will get 100% of them.

    Will you be putting a large container in our yard?

    Spicer Bros. utilizes our own dump truck so that we can remove the debris on a daily basis when feasible. If the job has multiple layers that may require multiple trips to the landfill, we may opt to utilize the services of a local trash receptacle provider. The container will be placed on plywood scraps if we use one.

    Are your jobs supervised?

    Yes, all of our installations are under the direct supervision of a Supervisor designated by our Project Manager. The Project Manager often makes random visits to the job site as well.

    Will my deck be protected during the roofing process?

    Absolutely! We will apply a layer of sheathing on the deck to avoid damage to the decking.

    Will my air conditioner unit be covered?

    Yes! We will protect your outdoor units with plywood.

    What if you find more layers of shingles than proposed? How will I be billed for this?

    We can only be responsible for the number of layers listed on the proposal. It is very likely to find some areas that have either been repaired or replaced at some time and these layers are undiscoverable by the estimator if they are not at the roof’s edge. They may only be found when the roof is removed. We bill for the removal of the extra layer(s) by the square foot as these findings require additional labor and incur additional landfill fees.

    What happens if a nail penetrates a wire, pipe or other material in our home or attic?

    We use fasteners specific to the process and these fasteners should not come in contact with or penetrate any pipe, wires or air conditioner lines that have been installed by others, so long as those installations have been routed in accordance with trend standards. If these issues happen, it is most likely due to improper installation of others. We can assist in the repair of these issues and pass on the charges or simply refer a trade professional to you to work with directly. We do want to know of any concerns in this area.

    How many laborers are generally on a job?

    Depending on the size of the roof; 4-6

    After The Installation

    The sales guy who came out said you would be doing _____or that you would ______ or that we were getting ________.

    If it is not in the typed proposal it is not covered. If you think the salesperson said something that has not made it to the typed proposal, please address this prior to signing the proposal. This will avoid any issues once the job is contracted and these items are easier dealt with upfront. In the acceptance section of the proposal, it states: “There are no oral representations related to this agreement not included herein.” It is our intention to give you exactly what you are paying for and we encourage you to review the proposal for any and all details prior to signing. If it is something that you wish to add, we can revise it and resend it.

    Do you clean up before you leave?

    Yes! We encourage a walk-around with the supervisor after completion.


    Does Spicer Bros. deal with flat roofs?

    EPDM, Deckrite, on Residential and Light Commercial

    Are your gutters custom made or are they pre-fab from a Lowes or Home Depot?

    We have a seamless guttering machine and custom make your gutters on-site.

    We’ve Got the Answers

    We here at Spicer Bros. Construction believe in being more than just standard roofing contractors; we want to be your trusted partners in the optimal performance of your roofing system. Thus, we are here to share any information to help you avoid roofing problems and perform any needed repairs to keep you and your family high and dry. For more information about caring for your roof, call us today at (410) 546-1190 in Maryland or (302) 703-6754 in Delaware. To have us contact you directly, fill out our online form.

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