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Replacing your windows is a good idea for any number of reasons, ranging from aesthetics to energy efficiency—but it’s important to be sure that your replacement windows are compatible with your home. Here at Spicer Bros. Construction, Inc., we offer many different styles of windows that go well with our residential roofing.


Hands down, our customers’ favorite replacement window option. Double-hung windows give you the ease of cleaning and superior energy savings — all while providing a clean, modern look you will love.


Single-hung windows are a popular choice for traditional or historic homes. They also offer cost savings for home remodelers on a budget.


Casement windows have hinges on one side and open on the other side with a crank, which allows you to take in the unobstructed view while still enjoying the ventilation offered by other types of windows. Advanced weatherstripping technology also provides an airtight weather seal that makes these windows some of the most cost-efficient windows on the market.

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    Sliding windows are one of the most popular styles, where a pane of glass is pulled to the side to open the window. Single slider windows only allow one sash to move, while double slider windows have two movable sashes. One variation of sliding windows is the hung window (see above), where the single or double sashes are moved up and down rather than side to side.


    Awning windows have hinges on the top and swing outward on the bottom, delivering maximum ventilation with classic architectural appeal.

    Bays & Bows

    Bay and bow windows project away from your home, creating more space and letting in the light. Bay windows usually involve three panels, one large one and two smaller ones to the sides. Bow windows involve more than three, creating a gentler curve and more even spacing.


    Picture windows do not open but are an excellent way to let light into a room and provide a view of the outside world. Geometric windows also do not open but come in interesting shapes like triangles or semicircles.


    One-of-a-kind homes deserve one-of-a-kind windows. Spicer Bros. Construction offers a variety of custom window shapes and designs to suit your property. Best of all, you don’t have to sacrifice efficiency to enjoy a unique look.

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    If you’re thinking about replacing your windows, there’s no better place to do it than here at Spicer Bros. Construction, Inc. Accredited with the Better Business Bureau, our family-owned company has provided customers with great windows and roofs since 2002. Our technicians are carefully selected for their experience, professionalism, and qualifications, ensuring you’ll have the best service possible. Contact us today through our convenient online request form to get your free estimate for window replacement.

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