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Solar roofing makes a lot of sense. However, a lot of homeowners have second thoughts about installing solar panels because they are often unattractive, causing them to drag down the curb appeal of homes. Every home has its unique needs, and a growing number of residents in the region are looking for solar technology solutions that not only boost their home’s energy production and investment returns, but also the aesthetics of their house.

Here at Spicer Bros. Construction, we take all the necessary steps to not only help reduce your electric consumption but also make sure that your new solar panel system is installed correctly using the most innovative and aesthetically pleasing solar products on the market. After sending our team through extensive training, we have been granted the GAF Master Solar Elite Contractor — a first in the Delmarva area.

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    The Amazing Benefits of Going Solar

    Spicer Bros. Construction knows the need for utilizing solar technology for residential and commercial roofing. We list some of the most notable advantages of installing a quality solar roofing system:

    • Lower Energy Bill – When you install a solar system, its panels become your primary energy provider, and not your traditional systems. This can help reduce your electricity consumption for the next 20 years or more.
    • Increased Property Value – Since they help your household gain energy savings, a solar system should increase the value of your property. The National Appraisal Journal states that every dollar saved in annual utility bills from solar energy systems adds roughly $20 to the total value of a home.
    • Unexpected Cost Effectivity – In many cases, a solar energy system has been able to generate twice as much savings as the installation cost was to the property owner.


    “At GAF Energy, we have the capacity to scale this technology like no one else through GAF, bringing an integrated solar product that is weatherproof, affordable, and design-minded to homeowners across the country.”

    – Martin DeBono, President, GAF Energy

    Solar Terms to Know

    • Solar Array – are multiple solar modules wired together.
    • Inverter – the device that converts your direct current (DC) from your GAF Timberline Solar™ solar panel system into alternating current (AC).
    • Net Metering – is a service that allows the electric meter to spin backwards, sending your excess electricity back into the grid when your GAF DecoTech™ solar panel system is generating more energy than the home is consuming at any given point in time.
    • Kilowatt (kW) – a unit for measuring electrical power, equal to 1000 watts.
    • Kilowatt-Hour (kWh) – the amount of energy consumption from 1kW over one hour (this is how you buy electricity).
    • Orientation – this refers to the orientation of the solar panels on your home. Due South is the most optimal orientation.
    • Roof Pitch – you must have a roof pitch of at least 2:12 in order to install GAF Timberline Solar™ solar panels on your home.
    • Temperature – solar cells are not as efficient in high temperature climates.
    • Shading – should be avoided when looking at which roofs on your home should have solar panels.

    What You Need to Know about GAF Timberline Solar™ System

    Traditional solar systems have clunky panels that are installed using racks and brackets. They can be bulky and unsightly, which causes hesitation for homeowners looking to utilize solar panels. Fortunately, there is now an answer for that. GAF, the leading roofing manufacturer in North America, has introduced its Timberline solar roofing system—the first solar roofing product that It has sleek and low-profile features and is integrated directly into the roofing system, not awkwardly mounted above the shingles using a rack.

    GAF, however, did not only created this system to boost your home’s aesthetic features. Most importantly, the Timberline system is designed to let you harness the greatest amount of solar energy as possible while preserving your roof’s structural integrity. Manufactured with the most advanced materials and technologies, it helps minimize the chance for leaks and prevents pests from infiltrating your system.

    To perform its best, GAF’s Timberline solar system requires the skills and expertise of a professional roofer. That’s the reason you need to hire a certified contractor, like Spicer Bros. Construction, when you feel the need to install this innovative system. We can help ensure the highest quality of workmanship for your project to help you gain the utmost peace of mind you deserve.

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