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3 Answers to Warranty Questions You Need to Be Asking

By November 17, 2015August 8th, 2023No Comments

There will be times when things do not go according to plan, even when it comes to your roof. When things go south, you need a dependable warranty. In this blog entry, Spicer Bros. Construction answers the three relevant warranty questions you need to be asking.


Question: What kind of warranty do I need?

Answer: There are two kinds of warranties: manufacturer’s and contractor’s. Manufacturer’s warranties cover only the materials that they supply. These protect against product defects and other problems. When you get this type of warranty, you normally receive a patching kit or a quick replacement.

The warranty from roofing contractors in Salisbury, MD, covers the installation and the labor. This covers anything from the inspection to the verification post-installation. Claims against this type of warranty always involve inspections just to check where the fault lies. Spicer Bros. Construction offers both types of coverage to maximize the benefit to our customers.

Question: Which warranty will make the roof last longer?

Answer: Technically speaking, it is not the warranty that makes a roof last longer. In fact, longevity is most often tied to the quality of the design, the type of material used, the process of installation and the consistency of routine maintenance. The warranties, however, do serve as a support. Take note that warranties do not cover regular maintenance, as this is the responsibility of the homeowner.

Question: Will any warranty cover roof leaks?
A manufacturer’s warranty will cover leak repairs to your roofing in Salisbury, MD if the materials are to blame for a leak. A contractor’s warranty will only cover repairs if the problem lies in the installation. Keep in mind, however, that neither one will cover damage that results from the leak. That’s because that coverage is the responsibility of your insurer.

Spicer Bros. Construction offers manufacturer’s protection from top brands in the industry, including GAF, CertainTeed, Tamko, and Atlas that can last up to 50 years. We also offer our own warranty for that added assurance that you get the best roof possible. Give us a call today at (410) 546-1190 and we will be more than happy to talk you through our many roof options and other home services.

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