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4 Reasons Architectural Shingles are a Cut Above the Rest

By July 29, 2015October 30th, 2017No Comments

Shingles remain a popular roofing material in America. It’s a low-cost option that lasts long and doesn’t require a lot of upkeep. Nevertheless, not all shingles are created equal. If you’re looking into asphalt shingles for your roof, it pays to research and find the best type available.


In this blog post, Spicer Bros. Construction, the top roofing contractor in Lewes, DE, discusses the features that make architectural shingles such an excellent roofing choice.

1. The Material

Architectural shingles are laminated and made of two to three layers of asphalt or fiberglass. These are heavier and sturdier than other shingle types.

2. The Look

There is virtually no limit to architectural shingle styles. These can be made to look like slate, cedar wood, and clay tile. These will lend an elegant look to your roof without costing as much as natural materials. Architectural shingles also come in a variety of colors, providing you with endless design options.

3. The Lifespan

Due to their thickness, architectural shingles have great durability. These can withstand much more wear and damage. Depending on your choice, these can also be infused with copper to make them mold-resistant. In fact, our architectural shingles come with a 50-year warranty as a testament to their long lifespan.

4. The Cost

Architectural shingles are known for their resistance to damage, dramatic look, and low upkeep. These make them a more economical choice for residential roofing in Lewes, DE.

These features and more make architectural shingles a wise choice for homeowners. Spicer Bros. Construction would love to help you get the best possible roofing option for your home. We offer a range of roofing products, including asphalt shingles.

Be sure to call us at (410) 546-1190 to schedule a consultation.

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