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4 Upgrades to Keep Your Home Cool This Summer

By June 23, 2015September 20th, 2022No Comments

There are so many reasons people love summer. One of the biggest reasons is undoubtedly the much warmer weather. Now while you might relish this, we’re pretty sure you don’t want to be burning up either. Spicer Bros. Construction has the perfect summer upgrade plan for you that’s sure to get your home cool and comfortable this season.

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Siding: Vinyl

What makes vinyl siding a great choice for summertime is that it efficiently regulates the transfer of heat through its surface. This means that it can keep the summer heat where you want it—that is, outside. Apart from this, vinyl siding also protects you from the occasional summer showers. Because vinyl is also very customizable, you can also upgrade the look of your home in time for everyone coming out to enjoy the season.

Roofing: Metal

On top of being extremely durable and sturdy, metal roofing also naturally reflects heat from the sun, effectively mitigating the heat and keeping your home’s interior cool. This roofing material is best paired with good insulation to enhance the resistance of metal to absorbing heat. As a bonus, they’re noncombustible—with the highest fire resistance rating among all materials.

Windows: Picture Windows

A great deal of discomfort in a home comes from leaky and inefficient windows. A picture window is a great summer option because it affords you the best views of the season unfolding around you. More than that, however, they’re a very solid, immovable window choice—leaving little room for air or water to seep in, which can affect indoor temperatures.

Doors: French Doors

Summer is a very social and interactive time of the year. For homeowners with wide patios, French doors are a good option. These large doors offer much of the same benefits as picture windows—so long as the materials chosen are similar. They also bring a greater sense of space where they’re installed.

As a premier roof, window, door, and siding contractor in Salisbury, MD, Spicer Bros. Construction is able to meet all your needs for the summer and beyond. We’re the people to call when you want your home to reach a higher level of quality and functionality. Call us today to get a free quote.

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