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When it’s time to replace your home’s exterior, you likely will have many questions about the best options for your home. When it comes to high-quality exterior siding, James Hardie is a popular choice for good reason.

Many of our customers choose James Hardie, a well-respected manufacturer of fiber cement siding. Once installed properly by trusted professionals, this option will last for years with easy maintenance and a beautiful look. If there are any issues, the company offers a warranty worth understanding.

In this article, we’ll lay out the basics about James Hardie siding and the frequently asked questions about their warranty. You’ll want to review the paperwork fully as well. Plus, if you ever have specific questions, the team at Spicer Bros. Construction is always available to help.

The 101: What’s Included

Hardie products are covered for manufacturing defects, hail damage, and termite damage. The boards and soffit are protected for 30 years, the trim’s warranty lasts 15 years, and the weather barrier elements are covered for 10 years.

The warranty begins on the date you purchase the materials, so be sure to store your paperwork in an organized file, just in case. For the weather barrier elements, such as HardieWrap weather barrier, flashing, flex flashing, and seam tape, the warranty begins not when you first purchase it, but when professionals install the product. 

While it’s possible to transfer the warranty to one other owner of the house, Hardie will replace or repair its warranted product if it’s defective or reimburse you for up to twice the original retail cost. 

What’s Not Included 

Of course, some things aren’t covered by the James Hardie warranty. For example, if the products aren’t installed correctly or were altered in any way, they aren’t covered. That’s why it’s so important to work with a respected company like Spicer Bros. Construction.

Certain weather damages also aren’t covered by the warranty. If water infiltrates the products, if there is exceeding wind, tornados, hurricanes, floods, or earthquakes, the damage would exceed the warranty coverage. Severe weather or “Acts of God” aren’t included.

Just as earthquakes aren’t covered, neither is the damage to products that occur from a foundational movement of any kind. Foundations can shift over time naturally. Plus, if your home lacks proper structural design and that causes damage, it’s not in the warranty.

Finally, neglect and abuse can cause any damage to be excluded from the warranty coverage. If you’ve altered the products or made repairs on your own, it’s outside the warranty.

How To File a Claim

If you have a problem that can be covered, you need to write Hardie within 30 days of first discovering the damage. In the written notice, including details about the location and damage or defect so that a representative of James Hardie can inspect the claim. This must include photos and the original proof of purchase.

Pick a Quality Siding Contractor

If you’re ready to talk with professionals about high-quality exterior siding for your home, connect with Spicer Bros. Construction. We have the experience you need to renovate your home.

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