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The coronavirus pandemic has impacted almost every kind of activity conceivable, and that means precautions need to be taken for everything, including roof construction. You can still have any repairs or replacements performed, as long as you work with a company that has a strong awareness of social distancing and minimizing contact whenever it’s necessary. Here are some recommendations for how you can safely get any necessary repairs or replacement done on your roof during these uncertain times of coronavirus.

Communicate Remotely Whenever Possible

With all the modern technology available, you should have no trouble communicating with potential contractors. You’ll be able to use email, text, phone, and video calls, and you can even use digital apps to review color schemes and materials. If there’s any kind of interior damage on your home from a leaking roof, you can either send pictures or do a video call with your contractor. Ensure any contractor you choose is on board with these remote communication methods when you make that initial call.

Obtain Estimates Remotely

Once you’ve supplied photos or video call evidence to your contractor, they should be able to prepare an estimate remotely on the work to be done. There are many modern apps and tools that contractors can use to evaluate photos of your roof and then prepare project timelines. Other tools can help prepare 3D models of your roof and illustrate your available roofing options. This will be beneficial for both the contractor and yourself because you’ll have a pretty clear picture of what your roof will look like when completed. The estimate can be discussed in detail in a Zoom meeting, and contracts can then be signed using electronic signatures with an app such as DocuSign.

Stay Indoors While Work Is Underway

For the most part, workers will not need to enter your home while work is underway. You can be kept current on the progress of construction by reviewing photos taken by your contractor. Any interior repairs that are necessary from water damage can either be done later or by another contractor. Even if a complete replacement is needed for your roof, you should have no trouble staying indoors throughout the entire process. While it might get a little noisy during the installation, you can get around this by wearing earplugs or possibly some noise-canceling headphones. Even a full replacement for your roof will only take a day or two, assuming good weather. That means any inconvenience you have to put up with will only be for a short time, and then you’ll have a fully restored roof to provide outstanding protection for your home.

Who Can Perform Contactless Roof Construction? 

To have your roof repairs or replacement carried out during the pandemic, you should contact us at Spicer Bros. Construction, a company with a strong awareness of health and safety issues. We can arrange for no-contact remote estimates on the work to be done, and all our employees wear masks during the process. Any brochures we provide have all been sanitized, because we take our health and yours very seriously, while still providing top-notch roofing work.

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