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Checklist: What to Inspect When Closing Up Your Beach House

By November 5, 2014May 25th, 2015No Comments

Many homeowners in Bethany Beach, Delaware, and Ocean City, Maryland, are starting to close their properties to give way to the cold season. If you’re an owner of a beach house, it is wise to check it for potential issues to address them before locking up. Simple problems can easily become major ones if you leave them untreated for months.

At Spicer Bros. Construction, we want to help you care for your beach house properly. Here’s a checklist you can use in assessing your property:


  • Shingles: Check for curling, buckling, or blistering. If there are missing or broken shingles, call our Bethany Beach DE roofers at Ocean City, Maryland, for repair or replacement. Problems with your shingles may expose the layers underneath and cause moisture, which may put the roof at risk of leaks and mold or mildew formation.
  • Gutters: Check for the buildup of debris and the presence of moss, which may block the downspout.
  • Flashing: Look for rust spots and cracked caulk.

You may perform a quick check to give you an idea of your roof’s condition. Make sure to use safety equipment, such as a ladder, harness, and hard hat. However, it is recommended that roofing inspections be reserved for the professionals.


  • If you’re using wood siding, look for cracked, blistered, peeled, scaled, or flaked paint.
  • Rotting is a major concern for wood siding. Determine which areas are more prone to rotting by pushing on the siding with your fingers. If there are soft areas, water may have seeped through.
  • For vinyl siding, look for physical damage, such as nicks, chips, and dents.

Windows and Doors

  • Check for debris and dirt at the sills. The accumulation of dirt may affect the proper functioning of door and window openings.
  • Look for worn-out or damaged weatherstripping. Problems with your weatherstripping may result in air leaks that may let moisture into your home and cause ventilation issues.
  • Assess the sealant of your window frames to guarantee that moisture will not pass through the window frames and walls.

Don’t let the weather damage your beach house. Make sure it can withstand the elements before you close up for winter. If you discover any structural issues, get in touch with Spicer Bros. Construction. Our Ocean City MD roofers can repair your roof to avoid costly replacements. We can also help keep your house weathertight by replacing faulty windows, doors, and siding. Our team can recommend the right products so your house can tolerate varying weather conditions. With over a decade of experience in the industry, you can be confident that we have the necessary knowledge and skills to repair your beach house, leaving it safe and sound from the cold weather for several months.

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