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Choosing the right color for your new siding can be a challenge. Your choice of color depends on several factors — your home’s design and style, your surroundings and other complementary elements. In today’s post, we provide a quick summary of how these factors can help you choose the right siding color for your home.

Factors for Determining Your Siding Color

Type of Home

Certain siding colors are better suited to certain architectural styles than others. For example, Colonial style homes look best with a single color like white, which provides that classic, whitewashed wood feeling. Contemporary home styles, on the other hand, are more open to color variations due to their modern design. Cottage and country styles are more liberal when choosing a color and are also open to color matching.

Another factor you need to take note of is your roof. Your roof’s color should match or complement your siding as much as possible. Choosing a lighter shade to compliment your dark or black roof is generally a good choice.

Your Surroundings

Take a good look at your surroundings and make sure your color choice doesn’t clash with your neighbors’ houses. Standing out is okay, but contrasting too much with neighboring houses can create dissonance that creates a jarring effect.

Climate is also another factor to take note of. Sunlight makes your siding color shine brighter than usual, whereas cloudy days can make the color look completely different.

Other Factors

Homeowners who love the colors they see in their garden may want to complement this greenery. That means using colors on your siding that make your garden pop, or colors that make your home look closer to the landscape. Pro tip: your siding will act as your garden’s backdrop, so having a complementary color like light brown helps make your verdant exterior pop.

Choosing a color for your siding depends on several factors, and Spicer Bros. Construction can help you decide if you call us at (410) 546-1190. We serve homeowners in Salisbury and Lewes, DE.

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