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Gutters help keep water and moisture from damaging your home. In addition, they prevent your roof from developing water-related issues like decaying plywood and deteriorating asphalt shingles. Gutter Helmet® is a gutter protection system designed to keep debris build-up out of your gutters that cause overflows and clogs. Spicer Bros. Construction is now the official dealer of Gutter Helmet® protection systems in the Delmarva area.

How Does Gutter Helmet® Work?

The patented Gutter Helmet® system relies on surface tension. Rainwater typically flows from your roof into your gutters. With Gutter Helmet® protection in place, water goes over the roof’s edge and into a small slit. It’s large enough to allow water to flow through but small enough to keep out gutter-clogging debris like twigs and leaves. That junk falls away from your gutters, allowing your gutters to perform as intended and prevent water damage to your home.

The components that make Gutter Helmet® one of the top protection systems on the market include:

  • A textured surface that relieves pressure on your gutters and improves rain-handling performance
  • A nose that’s flush with your gutters, leaving no openings for debris
  • A Teflon-like coating that prevents the build-up of dirt and other organic compounds
  • A ribbed design that spreads out water and causes it to sheet

Imagine not having to climb up and clean out your overstuffed gutters. That’s time you get back for other things, thanks to Gutter Helmet®.

What Problems Can Gutter Helmet® Address?

Once you become a homeowner, you start seeing the issues produced by clogged gutters. You can avoid this by contacting Spicer Bros. Construction to install a new Gutter Helmet® system.

  • Prevent foundation issues — When water overflows from your gutters, it pours down the walls and ends up pooling around your foundation, leading to erosion. Gutter Helmet® keeps moisture away from your home, helping you avoid expensive foundation repairs.
  • Alleviate broken gutters — Your gutters could weaken and collapse if they accumulate too much debris. The strength of Gutter Helmet®’s design relieves stress even during the heaviest rainstorms.
  • Keep insects away — Bugs tend to find clogged gutters an ideal breeding ground. You can avoid that thanks to the free-flowing system provided by Gutter Helmet®.
  • Avoid mold growth — Excessive moisture can lead to the development of mold that makes your home unattractive and is terrible for your health. You can avoid that hazard by installing Gutter Helmet technology to protect your gutters.

What are the Benefits of Gutter Helmet®?

In addition to stopping water buildup that negatively impacts your home, Gutter Helmet® comes with a triple lifetime warranty. That means you don’t have to worry about replacing your gutter guards in the future. The Permalife™ coating finish is available in various colors to match your home. In addition, the surface is resistant to fading, corrosion, and chalking.The mounting brackets are reinforced with aluminum. That additional strength keeps Gutter Helmet® in place during the strongest weather impacts. Contact Spicer Bros today if you’re interested in learning more about the protection Gutter Helmet® offers. 

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