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A storm-damaged roof cannot adequately protect your home. Address the damage as soon as possible with the help of your trusted roofing company. Doing so helps prevent further damage to your property.  Read on as we explain how to handle unexpected roof damage.

Handling Unexpected Roof Damage Properly

Assess the damage to your roof

The first step after a severe weather is to assess the damage. Conducting an assessment will help you discuss your needs with your contractor. You can simply inspect your roof from the ground using a pair of binoculars. Estimate the size and specific details of the damaged area. Note the severity of the damage, and look for areas of missing shingles. In some cases, only a few random shingles may be missing.

Stay Calm

Don’t let the sight of roof damage overwhelm you. Don’t panic when you see the extent of the damage. Remain calm as there is a solution! Ask your local roofing contractor to inspect the area as soon as possible.

Know What to Expect in an Emergency Roof Repair

Your roofers can’t perform repairs while the storm is raging. Once the bad weather passes, they will inspect the area and look for both obvious and underlying issues. They will document the damage and provide a reasonable roofing estimate, which you’ll need when filing your insurance claims.

Work With a Professional Roofer

It’s bad enough that your roof has been damaged. Don’t add fuel to the fire by attempting to fix the damage by yourself. Without significant roofing experience, you may cause more problems than you solve. Instead, hire a licensed and insured roofing repair contractor to provide efficient roofing solutions.

Our company has been serving homeowners since 2002. Rest assured that we can help restore your roof’s functional condition. We are here to serve you in Lewes, DE, Denton, MD, and nearby areas. Contact Spicer Bros. Construction today at (410) 546-1190 or (302) 703-6754 for an in-home consultation. You may also contact us here.

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