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Siding is superior to exterior wall paint in all aspects. Not only does it not require reapplication, but it also provides your home an additional layer of protection, a physical barrier against the elements. To ensure lasting protection, it’s important that you pick the right siding system for the demands of your local climate.

HardieZone™ System: Helping You Pick the Perfect Siding

Enter the HardieZone™ System. In today’s post, you’ll learn how this allows experts like Spicer Bros. Construction to help you choose the right siding system for your home.

HardieZone System

The HardieZone System uses eight individual climatic variables that affect the performance of siding and ten distinct climatic zones. James Hardie® has engineered specialized product lines for these ten regions specifically built to withstand the weather patterns in these areas. At Spicer Bros. Construction, your local siding contractor, we use this system as a guide to deliver the perfect siding for our customers.

The Best Siding for Maryland Residents

The HZ5® siding line is right at home in Maryland’s climate. It can withstand freezing temperatures and extreme seasonal temperature variations. It’s engineered for higher overall performance thanks to its superior paint adhesion, which gives it higher moisture resistance. This siding system also boasts a drip edge to improve its innate water management. The result is an exterior siding that maintains dimensional stability in even the most challenging weather conditions.

Alternatively, we can also offer the HZ10® from James Hardie®. This siding system can withstand blistering sun and hurricane-force winds on top of strong, wind-driven rain. Apart from its sheer elemental resistance, this siding also boasts Color Plus® Technology, which gives it exceptional fade resistance.

Call us today at (410) 546-1190 to learn more about our James Hardie products. Through the HardieZone System, we’ll find the perfect siding that will completely protect your home from the elements. We are a professional siding contractor serving homeowners in Salisbury, MD, and Lewes, DE.

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