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Your roof’s pitch determines the kind of roofing and materials that will fit your building or home. It determines how your roof will perform. It can also indicate how good it is in shedding water and debris. This also tells you what product will fit your home.

Features of Low-Slope Roofs

For instance, you cannot install certain composition shingles and tile roofs on roof slope that have pitches below 3:15. This is because they do not have the capability to shed water efficiently. Additionally, roofing manufacturers will void their warranties if they are installed on roofs with a wrong pitch. A perfect example of a product that will fit pitches below 3:15 would be low-slope or flat roofs.

These roofing systems are made of an under layer and a top coat. This coating can be polyvinyl chloride (PVC)-like synthetic coating, asphalt, or modified bitumen. While they are commonly found on commercial buildings, residential flat roofs are growing in popularity.

Spicer Bros. Construction, the leading roofing contractor in Lewes, DE, discusses some of the features of our flat roofs.


Our flat roofs offer lasting performance due to their gravel and tar content. This lets them resist most damage, allowing them to withstand severe weather conditions. Because of their flat symmetric surface, they are not subject to blow-offs as compared to angled roofing systems.


Flat roofs offer more space. In fact, you can use the available area and transform it into a terrace or garden.


This kind of roofing in Lewes, DE, is easy to maintain, as well. That is because of their lack of slopes and valleys.


Our flat roofs have a long service life. This reduces the need for early roof replacement, which can add to landfills, causing strain on the environment. Furthermore, you can use the space provided by our roof to install solar panels for more energy savings.


Flat roofs are safer to walk on due to their minimal slope. This makes roof inspections easier.

You can count on us to seal and recoat your flat roof to reinforce its stability and performance. We can also manufacture your roof from a wide range of materials. We offer several options for easy installation, low-maintenance, and affordability.

Let Spicer Bros. Construction, a trusted roofing company in Denton, MD, provide you with high-quality residential flat roofs to fit your needs. Call us today at (855) 410-375-0840 for more information about our low-slope roofs.

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