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Like siding installation, roof replacement or any other home remodeling project, there are a lot of factors to consider before you can build an outdoor deck. One such consideration is the construction of footings. Deck footing structures require a solid ground base, with proper drainage and a fairly deep frost line.

Learn more about these important deck footing details in this post from the experts at Spicer Bros Construction, Inc.

Soil Properties

If you’re building your deck near your home, it’s likely that the soil has already been cleared for load-bearing capacity. Compacted clay and soil are typically ideal when supporting different types of deck footing; if your home is built on loose soil, thicker footing posts and piers are needed to support any sort of structure.

Our siding, roofing and general contractors will typically discourage burying deck footings on sloped terrain. This type of leveling will usually be covered in local codes so it’s important to review your building and construction specifications before starting your project.

Climate and Drainage

Varying temperatures can cause the soil around the footing piers to expand and contract. Improperly set posts can be affected by this continuous movement, weakening the support of the deck above it. Additionally, local and regional building codes also have requirements regarding how deep into the frost line you can set your deck footing. Warmer climates can usually manage with shallow posts, but it’s important to always consult a professional to be on the safe side.

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