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Metal Roofing: Offering the Best Value for Today’s Homes

By September 19, 2014September 6th, 2016No Comments

As one of the most important parts of the house, your roof should be strong enough to withstand different, shifting weather conditions. If you’re in the market for a new roof, you’ll find various materials, such as wood shakes and shingles, metal, and polymer modified bitumens. Among all these, Spicer Bros. Construction recommends metal for residential roofing in Lewes DE.

In the past, many people avoided metal roofing for various reasons. Some thought it wasn’t sturdy enough, while others felt that it didn’t look good on their houses. There were also those who were feared that their homes would not be able to handle the added weight. As technology improved, however, metal roofing has now become one of the most popular options for different types of houses.

Here are four reasons you should think about switching to metal roofing, particularly MetalWorks® by TAMKO®:

Built to Last

All the steel shingles in the MetalWorks series have received certifications from Underwriters Laboratories (UL), a renowned certification company focused on safety analysis. The organization gave MetalWorks a Class A fire rating, which means it offers the highest degree of protection against exposure to fire. When it comes to impact resistance, MetalWorks has a Class 4 rating.

ASTM International, an institute that develops technical standards for a range of products and services, granted MetalWorks a Class F certification for ASTM D3161, which means these steel shingles can resist wind as fast as 110 mph.

Worried about the day-to-day exposure to the elements? Worry no more. MetalWorks steel shingles come with a special coating that allows them to resist environmental aging and dirt. MetalWorks are also more lightweight compared with metal roofing in the past and today’s conventional roofing products.

Matches Your Home’s Architectural Style








You’ll never have to fret about not finding the perfect match to your home’s architectural style. MetalWorks by TAMKO comes in a range of textures and colors. The series features three styles: StoneCrest® Slate, StoneCrest® Tile, and AstonWood®. You can have your roof look like wood while enjoying the durability and energy efficiency features of a metal roof.


You can rest more comfortably all year round as MetalWorks has an ENERGY STAR rating. You don’t have to lose sleep over sudden spikes in your energy usage during summer and winter. Your metal roofing may even help you reduce your cooling bills. In addition, the Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC) has also rated these steel shingles.

Convenient Installation

If you’re looking for a roof that is convenient to install, MetalWorks is for you. We can install it over your existing asphalt shingles, provided the roofing layers don’t exceed two layers. Furthermore, MetalWorks requires fewer fasteners and shingles per square.

Spicer Bros. Construction understands that a roof replacement is a major home investment that is often stressful for many homeowners. Get more value from your roof replacement project by choosing a material that can stand the test of time. Consult our roofing contractor in Lewes DE to learn more about metal roofing and its benefits.



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