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Metal Roofing: Top Features and Benefits

By September 23, 2015January 6th, 2022No Comments

There are many reasons homeowners and industry experts consider metal roofing as one of their top choices. Metal roofing comes with several benefits that will surely give you a bigger bang for your buck. If you are currently in the process of choosing a material for your roof, here’s why you should take a look at metal roofing.

Durability and Longevity

Unlike other roofing materials like asphalt, wood shingles, tiles, and the like, metal does not dry out, crack, and curl up. Also, it doesn’t deteriorate when exposed to the sun. It can withstand the forces of nature, too.

Fire Resistance and Heat Conduction

Metal is non-combustible. Therefore, it is resistant to fire. It also minimizes midday heat gain because it reflects the heat from the sun, especially when it is a light-colored metal roof. Because of this, houses with metal roofing are known to be more energy-efficient. Metal can improve your property’s energy efficiency through the utilization of the dead-air space between the roof deck and the metal.

Generally Light in Weight

Unlike certain materials, such as concretes tiles, metal roofing is lightweight. Because it is lightweight, it does not put too much stress on the roofing structure. Additionally, metal roofing may be installed over an existing roof without the need for additional structural support.

Ease of Installation

An experienced roofing contractor in Lewes, DE, or the surrounding communities, will have no trouble installing a metal roof, unlike when using other roofing materials. Its being lightweight is, again, another advantage. And because there is no need for additional structural support, the installation process can be accomplished in a much shorter amount of time.

Aesthetic Appeal

With the numerous developments in the roofing industry, a lot of manufacturers have come up with a wide array of styles, designs, colors, and patterns. No matter what style you prefer, you will surely find metal roofing that meets your aesthetic requirements.

These are some of the major benefits of metal roofing. If you finally decide to go for this roofing material, give Spicer Bros. Construction a call. We are a trusted and reliable roofing company in Denton, MD and Lewes, DE. Contact us at (410) 546-1190 today.

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