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⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠It’s one thing to know it’s time to replace the windows in a home. It’s another thing to understand whether it’s better to install new construction windows or replacement windows. In this article, we’ll share why our 20 years of experience confirm that new construction windows are a better bet. First, let’s look at why it might be time to replace windows on a home.

Inside is drafty

If you can feel wind movement near a window, you may have deteriorated seals, indicating it’s time to address the issue. The home will be colder in the winter and hotter in the summer. An energy leak can be quite costly, too.

It is unsightly

Due to constant exposure to rain and sun, wooden frames around the exterior of windows often degrade and rot. Flaky paint and water damage bring down the value of a home because it takes away from the curb appeal.

The window is hard to open and close

Windows need to open and close easily for ventilation and just proper function. Furthermore, working windows that can also lock securely make a home safer. 

Other customers may say they are just ready to update the look of the home, but they are still confused as to whether new construction windows are better than replacement windows. In our experience, new construction windows have many benefits over the alternative. 

What Are New Construction Windows Vs. Replacement Windows?

New construction windows include flanges on the exterior side of the window and slide directly into a clear opening on the side of a house. They are sometimes called full-frame replacement windows because they come with a new frame.

Replacement windows have no nailing fins or flanges. They are designed to insert directly into the window frame. The panes must be fitted and resealed within the house’s existing structure.

Benefits to New Construction Windows

Since 2002, Spicer Bros. Construction has been improving home exteriors throughout the Delmarva peninsula. Here is why we recommend new construction windows for our customers.

Better seals

Perhaps most importantly, it is vital that windows properly seal the home’s interior from the weather outside. Replacement windows are often not the perfect size, making sealing difficult. New construction windows come pre-sealed with the panes already built into the frame. When windows are airtight and watertight, homeowners will likely save money on their electric bills as well.

Improved window strength

Smooth-sided replacement windows are not as strong as new construction windows. Old wooden frames are outdated technology, and it’s easier to break in a storm or another way.

Less maintenance

Wooden house frames require regular painting and maintenance, but that’s not necessary with new construction windows. Some new windows also open from the inside, making it easier and safer to clean. You’ll find you pay less for energy.

Looks great

Our customers wonder why they haven’t installed new windows sooner. They are available as single-, double-, and triple-hung windows, so the home will look great from the curb and up close.

Learn More Today

For homeowners in Maryland, Delaware, and the eastern shore of Virginia who want to learn more about new home windows, contact Spicer Bros. Construction to request an estimate today.

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