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Different home styles require distinct roofing materials. That’s why Spicer Bros. Construction offers many options for homeowners. Each of our roofing types provides different benefits and works well with a particular kind of home style. Here are the features of our asphalt shingles, metal, slate, and wood roofs:

Home Remodeling

Asphalt Shingles

This versatile roofing material can work well with both traditional and contemporary home styles. As the leading roofing contractor in Lewes, DE, we recommend this material’s many color options. For instance, a traditional home with a light-colored exterior looks good with dark gray asphalt shingles. You can also go for an earth tone-colored roof if you have a more rustic home style.


This durable, long-lasting roof option can withstand practically any kind of weather. Metal roofs are a distinct and bold roofing choice. As the premier roofing company in Denton, MD, we provide metal roofing systems in a wide range of hues. Our products look great on contemporary homes, but they are also a good choice for country and cottage homes. Their symmetrical panels and bold colors work well with a white exterior.


We are also an expert in slate roofing in Lewes, DE. Slate is a luxurious roofing material that can add class and sophistication to your home. The material works best for traditional homes like Colonials and displays a wide variety of hues. Slate is unique in that it changes over time. Your exterior color needs to complement its diverse colors as your roof ages. Additionally, slate is incredibly durable and long-lasting. Slate can last for over 100 years with proper maintenance.


This material is one of the most appealing and natural components you can use for your home. This looks fantastic on rustic woodland cottages. It’s important to pair wood roofs with similarly natural building elements. Consider using a wood roof if you have flagstone walkways, brick, or bark siding, and wooden posts. We offer a variety of different wood roof options for your needs.

We provide roofing options for any kind of home style. Additionally, we have partnered with industry-leading manufacturers to provide you with first-class roofing materials. Spicer Bros. Construction is a residential and commercial roofing expert with over a decade of experience. We can help you determine which of our products fits your home the best. Give us a call to learn more about our roofing materials. You can also request an in-home estimate.

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