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Questions Before, During & After Your Roofing Installation

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Roofing installation is a lot of work; that’s why a reputable contractor is not likely to encourage DIY solutions. This job is best reserved for the professionals.

Roof Replacement Questions

That being said, however, you should have the initiative to ask the relevant questions that will help prevent problems with your roofing company in Rehoboth Beach, DE. Here’s what you should ask before, during, and after the job.

Before the Estimate: Should We Have a Plan?
Ask the contractor if you need to have a plan (for home additions). They should say yes. The plan is important when securing a permit and giving you an estimate. If they say no, then ask them why not.

Before the Proposal: Can You Tell Me More about the Estimate?
Ask the contractor of your residential roofing in Lewes, DE, how long the estimate is good for, so you can have time to think things over. Ask them how they are basing the prices on their quote. Their prices should be within industry standards. This is also the time to bring up their warranty and ask them to explain its coverage. Is the workmanship warranty separate from the material’s warranty? If there are other parts of your roofing system that must be removed during the installation, ask them about those too. Parts that they are not providing and installing themselves will not be covered by their warranties.

Before the Installation: How Can We Better Prepare?
What belongings should you remove from the construction site? Do you have to do this yourself or are they going to do it for you? If they are, how much will the additional charge be? What precautions do they have against accidents from falling tools and debris? How are they prepared for rain and other changes in the weather? If you have outdoor pets, will they take care to secure your yard? Will they be using large equipment and vehicles? What information do they need to ensure these do not cause any problems with your plumbing, landscaping, etc.?

During the Installation: What Can I Expect?
How many people are working on your property? Is there a supervisor present? How will they protect your deck and your air-conditioner? One of the most important things you should know is what will happen if they find more damaged shingles than previously thought (for repairs). Your contractor for residential roofing in Salisbury, MD, should specify how they will bill you for the additional work.

After the Installation: Can You Work on Something Else?
If there’s any additional work you would like to have done, this is the time to tell your contractor. If you expected to see something with the freshly finished job that the salesperson told you about, ask the contractor regarding this. You should also go ahead and ask about the cleanup.

With Spicer Bros Construction, Inc., you can expect us to be completely professional and we do appreciate a homeowner who asks questions. This shows how much you care about the work. We will answer all your questions to the best of our knowledge and make sure the project goes as smoothly as possible.

Calls us today for your free estimate on roof replacements and for any questions you may have about our work.

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