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Remember These 4 Tips on How to Avoid Roofing Scammers

By August 22, 2014July 1st, 2016No Comments

Winter is just around the corner although it may not seem like it. For our homes, the roof is our first line of defense against the winter’s chilly grip. That is why most roofing contractors in Lewes DE will tell you to make sure that your roofing is in top condition before the winter comes; and if you see any roofing problems such as leaks, the best way to go is to call a TRUSTWORTHY roofing contractor to fix your roof.

We put emphasis on the word trustworthy because, as you’ve probably heard in various news reports, there are a lot fly-by-night roofing contractors and scammers in the area. These unscrupulous people go around the area looking for people to victimize, especially this season knowing that there are homeowners looking for a contractor to fix their roofing woes before winter. Most of these scammers also prey on homeowners and coax them into believing that work needs to be done, which is in fact unnecessary. Some roofers are even deliberately damaging your roof so they can get more money from you.

So how can you spot these common scams? Spicer Bros. Construction Inc. is here to help by giving you these 4 tips in avoiding roofing scams:

Go local. Supporting a local contractor has a lot of benefits and this includes the contractor having experience with local building codes and guarantee that their work meets all local codes. Plus, a well-established local contractor has probably already done lot of jobs in the area, allowing you to easily find the contractor’s previous customers; which brings us to the second tip….

Get references from people you know who recently got their roofs repaired or replaced. Ask around and check every recommendation from people you know. You can also search the Internet and browse company websites for customer testimonials. And of course, the local chamber, BBB and other third party website can provide valuable insight into the character and reputation of a company.

Verify contractor’s license and insurance coverage. Make sure you hire a roofing company that is fully licensed because a legitimate contractor has to comply with the state’s strict building codes or else they will get their license revoked. Furthermore, their insurance should be updated and covers their workers’ compensation.

To make sure that the company you’re going to hire is fully licensed in Delaware you can check this state site – in Maryland, you can check out this link: and in Virginia, contact your local county for verification.

Check affiliations with different well-known manufacturers and reputable organizations. Affiliations with reputable manufacturers mean that the roofing contractor is trained to install the manufacturer’s products according to factory specifications. Also, leading brands such as CertainTeed, GAF, and TAMKO certainly wouldn’t want their good name tarnished with a scamming roofer. That’s why they make sure to certify only reputable roofing company to represent their products in a certain area

When it comes to residential roofing in Lewes DE and other parts of the Delmarva Peninsula, you can certainly rely on Spicer Bros. Construction Inc. To know more about us, browse through our website or give us a call and we’ll be more than happy to answer your roofing concerns.

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