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While a flat roof isn’t the most traditional route to take when it comes to designing homes, it provides many benefits. A flat roof immediately gives your home unique appeal as well as significant functional benefits. If you’re considering a flat roof, we can help.

Residential Flat Roof Ideas

Here are some great options that Spicer Bros. Construction, Inc., your trusted local roofing company, can install in your home:

Multi-Level Roofing

Instead of having a single roof for your whole home, why not consider a multi-level approach? This gives the home a modern look and allows you to have different types, shapes or sizes of a flat roof for each level. Set the flat roofs on different levels for that ultra-modern feel.

Flat Roof Deck

If you want only one part of your home to have a flat roof, you can achieve this too. Create a roof deck where you can host intimate gatherings and barbecues. Roofing contractors caution, however, that this setup requires the strengthening of the underlying structure to support the additional weight.

Green Roofing

A flat roof can be reinforced to allow for adding a layer of earth and plants on top. This special flat roof offers unparalleled insulation and protection from rain and runoff.

Membrane Roofing

You may opt for a special membrane coating on your roof, which is glued tightly to the top. This gives it a sleek and easy-to-clean finish, something you cannot find with regular-pitched roofs.

For more roofing solutions, turn to Spicer Bros. We can cater your needs and find a way to work within your budget. And, with our certifications and our large stock of products from America’s leading manufacturers, you will have the best selection at your fingertips. Call us at (410) 546-1190 to schedule an appointment in Salisbury or Ocean City, MD, to learn more about our flat roofing solutions.


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