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Spicer Bros.: Christmas Light Hanging Safety Tips

By December 2, 2014November 6th, 2015No Comments

Christmas is just around the corner, and for many this means it’s time to put up colorful Christmas lights and other decorations. Yes, a house lit up with bright Christmas lights will surely be a sight to behold during the yuletide season. But it also can be a safety hazard if you’re not careful. So before hanging Christmas lights on your roof, we at Spicer Bros. Construction, the most trusted roofing company in Ocean City MD and the surrounding areas, have prepared this simple light hanging tips:

Ensure that the lights you will buy are for the right purpose. Cheaper is not always better. Christmas lights not rated for outdoor use can actually be a fire hazard. When you’re shopping for Christmas lights, check the packaging and see to it that they are rated for use outdoors. Indoor Christmas lights may not be weatherproof, and this can be a problem in the event of a wet weather.

Check the quality and condition of old Christmas lights. We often take down old lights at the end of the season and store them without a thought all year. If they’ve been used multiple years or in storage for too long, the wires, bulbs, and other components of the string of lights can actually deteriorate. So before hanging your old Christmas lights, check for fraying or damaged parts first. Should there be any, dispose of them and purchase new ones. Also, check the bulbs before climbing on a ladder to make sure that each bulb lights up when it’s plugged and replace the ones that are not working.

Plan out where you’re going to put the Christmas lights. Aside from checking the quality and condition of your Christmas lights, check the areas where they’re going to be placed. See to it that your Christmas lights won’t be anywhere near leaves or moisture like those near rain gutters or puddles. Keep the outlets, plugs, cords, and extensions dry and far from the reach of children and pets.

Use the proper instruments. Avoid using tacks, staples, nails, or any metal objects to fasten the lights to your exteriors. These metal objects may not only damage your exterior, but also be cause for grounding if not used properly. Of course your electric bill will be impacted if you have to run your extension cords through an open door or window but if that keeps you from stringing more lights together recommended it is a safer solution.

Make sure that the ladder you’re going to use will be able to hold out. While hanging Christmas lights on your roof, make sure that the ladder you’re going to use is sturdy and stands on solid ground to avoid accidents. You’ll want to be in good shape for the yuletide season.

Don’t leave your lights on overnight. As much as possible, avoid leaving the lights turned on all night. Not only is this a fire hazard, but your electric bill can blow up significantly as well. It is highly recommended that you leave them on only during the prime hours of the night—from dinnertime to before bedtime. This should be enough time for passersby to enjoy your lights.

If you need help fixing your roof first before the first snow falls for the yuletide season, Spicer Bros. Construction, the top roofing company in Denton MD and the surrounding areas, is here to help you. Just give us a call, and we’ll ho-ho-ho all the way to your house to fix your roof in no time.

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