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Spicer Bros.: Common Roofing Shingle Issues

By January 9, 2015May 25th, 2015No Comments

We all know the roof is one of the most important components in our homes. It keeps us and our valuables warm and dry; plus, it is also a huge part of our home’s exterior aesthetics. That is why maintaining a sound roof is critical if you want your home to last long, perform well, and to look great.

One component of your roofing system that you need to regularly inspect is the shingles. Shingles are the most popular roofing material available on the market today. They are those overlapping coverings on your roof – the first thing you will see when you look at your roof. They are made from different materials such as wood, slate, flagstone, metal, plastic, and one of the most popular materials, asphalt shingle.

Taking care of your roof starts with making sure the shingles are in tip-top condition. To do so, it is important for you to be able to identify all asphalt roof shingle failures. Listed below are common roof problems homeowners need to be aware of:

  • Lifting Shingles – shingles are supposed to lay flat, with each successive course overlapping the ones below. This is to ensure that the water would cascade smoothly down the roof without the water seeping under the shingles and causing the wood deck underneath to rot. Lifting shingles are usually caused by: high winds, debris buildup on the roof deck, moss accumulation beneath the shingles, and improper installation.
  • Curling Shingles – this is a sure sign that the shingle is way past its lifespan. Aside from the shingles’ life expectancy, curling could mean venting problems inside your house and/or excessive moisture accumulation on your roof. Either way, the only solution to this problem is by replacing the shingle or the entire roofing system itself.
  • Granule Loss – this is another sign your roof needs replacing. Granule loss on each shingle piece indicates old age and needs to be taken care of ASAP.
  • Blistered Shingles – if you see blisters, or bumps on your roofing shingles, you need to contact our roofing company in Ocean City MD and get them replaced right away. Blistered shingles are usually caused by manufacturing problems.
  • Ripped, Torn, Cracked, or Punctured Shingles – falling branches from a tree, high-winds, and hailstorms are some of the most common causes of damaged shingles. Aside from being an eyesore, damaged shingles are often the root problem for serious leaking inside your home. That’s why if you see any of these, the best thing to do is to invest on a new roof.

If you are in need of a roofing company in Rehoboth Beach MD, Bethany Beach, Cambridge, Delmar, Denton, Ocean Pine, Salisbury, and the surrounding towns, you can rely on Spicer Bros. Construction, Inc. Browse through our website or give us a call to learn more about our products and services.

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