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Spicer Bros.: Signs of Roof Installation Mistakes

By January 16, 2015May 25th, 2015No Comments

If you need a roof replacement, it is best to check out your existing roof first and assess the problems it has acquired over the years so you can avoid those same problems in your next roof installation. Below is a list of some common roof installation mistakes to look for, provided by Spicer Bros. Construction Inc., one of the preferred roofing contractors in Salisbury MD:

It has not been able to withstand weather conditions. A properly installed roof is one that can take on a lot of weather changes and survive. It should not show early signs of wear and have broken shingles. If your current roof has shingles that are buckling and rippling, make sure it will not happen in your next installation.

Wrong ventilation. One way to identify a poorly installed roof is improper ventilation. Check if proper ventilation is used on your roof. Sometimes roofers miscalculate the number of vents needed in a home, and that can cost homeowners a lot in terms of comfort and money.

Lifted shingles. Shingles that are originally flat could overlap and create an uneven exterior. This could give you problems with ventilation, as lifted shingles could trap moisture on the roof. In such a case, replace the shingles or your entire roof.

The material does not go with the rest of the house. The roof should not just function as a protection for the weather, it should also go with the architectural style of your home.

Old, rotted roof nails. A rotted roof nail could bring you more risk when strong winds come. Ensure that while installing a new roof, roof nails are also replaced.

Before changing your roofing in Salisbury MD, check the list above to avoid those mistakes and ensure you get to maximize your money and new roof. Call us at Spicer Bros. Construction Inc. today to learn how we can help you or to schedule a FREE estimate for exterior home renovations in Salisbury or surrounding areas.

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