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The Difference New Siding Makes for Your Home

By January 26, 2015September 20th, 2022No Comments

If you are planning to renovate this year, consider changing the siding of your home. New siding not only creates a new look for your entire house, it also gives homeowners a chance to check for mold infestations and other problems. Spicer Bros., a trusted siding contractor in Salisbury MD, offers a list of siding options that could suit different owner preferences and home requirements.

Vinyl Siding. Less expensive than wood, vinyl has been around since the ’60s. Nowadays, vinyl siding has a lot colors and textures to choose from. Vinyl doesn’t need repainting and is actually low maintenance. If you choose this kind of siding, look for ones that have built-in insulation.

Stucco. This is a mortar mixture usually made of cement and other ingredients, and it is perfect if you want a Spanish-style house. Though easily discolored and vulnerable to damage, stucco siding is preferred for its energy efficiency, fire resistance, and design flexibility.

Wood Siding. Bevel siding is a popular choice for home exterior design, as it comes in a wide variety of wood to choose from.

Stone Siding. Water repellent and durable, stone siding is also a popular choice among homeowners. It can cost more, but if you want a type of siding that lasts for years, stone siding is a great choice. It becomes more attractive as years pass, adding to your curb appeal.

Choose the siding best suited for your climate and preference, as well as your insulation and architectural needs. It’s not enough that you get the best siding material—you also have to make sure that you hire a good contractor to install your siding at Spicer Bros. Construction. We can ensure proper siding installation that lasts a long time. Call us today to know more about our high-quality siding products and services.

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