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In the excitement of a roof replacement project, homeowners sometimes overlook details in the paperwork, particularly the warranty coverage provided by the roofing contractor. In today’s post, Spicer Bros. Construction explains why reviewing the warranty coverage closely before committing to a product is critical.

The Importance of Checking Your Roofing Warranties

What Your Roofing Warranty Should Cover

The ideal roofing warranty should cover both materials and workmanship. The material warranty covers issues caused by factory defects, while the workmanship coverage protects you from installation errors. Note that warranty coverage and claim fulfillment differ. For example, material warranties may require filing claims with the manufacturer directly, while workmanship warranties may be limited to the actual workmanship and might not include replacement material or even material disposal. In other cases, contractors backed and certified by major roofing manufacturers will cover nearly any eventuality at little or no cost to the homeowner.

Long-Term Benefits

Roofing problems, whether caused by material defects or installation errors, do not always manifest immediately. The first two years are the most critical period for every newly-installed roof. This means that at the very least, your roofing warranty should provide both material and workmanship coverage for the first two years. It also helps to hire a roofing company certified by a major roofing manufacturer like GAF as they are more likely to provide above-average warranty coverage.

GAF Lifetime Limited Warranty

As a GAF Master Elite® contractor, Spicer Bros. Construction is proud to offer exceptional warranty coverage for the equally exceptional roofing options offered by GAF. Unlike other roofing warranties, the GAF Lifetime Limited Warranty covers both material and workmanship, which simplifies the warranty claims process.

The GAF Lifetime Limited Warranty includes the GAF Golden Pledge® Limited Warranty. This top-of-the-line warranty coverage is exclusively offered through GAF Master Elite contractors. It features 50-year coverage on roofing materials, 25-year coverage on workmanship and several other benefits for the full roofing system and accessories. Most GAF roofing materials, including the popular Timberline® architectural shingles, are eligible for this coverage.

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