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There’s no better way to keep your roofing system in prime condition than strict adherence to routine maintenance. Working with a professional roofing contractor to develop a proactive approach rather than a reactive one will save you time, money, and effort in the long run. Prevent problems from occurring instead of waiting for them to appear.

 Roofing Inspections

Here’s why monthly roof inspections are so critical:


Constant exposure to the elements has a way of wearing down even the sturdiest roofing system. When you stick to monthly inspections, you can stay on top of your roof’s condition and take action as soon as you find an issue. Routine maintenance allows you to detect a problem in its early stage and repair it before it causes widespread damage.


A roof that is not regularly inspected or maintained will eventually develop a problem. That problem will continue to grow until it causes a major leak that will certainly catch your attention and will require expensive, emergency repair. Spare yourself this headache (and significant cost) by investing in preventative roofing maintenance. Prevent problems rather than react to them.


We always encourage our customers to be present when we inspect their property. If for some reason this isn’t possible, we invite them to visit our showroom at a later date so we can better educate them about our process and roofing care in general. This consultation is completely complimentary.

Spicer Bros. Construction, Inc. is the roofing company that has your back. We have a deep well of knowledge and experience to draw from to provide you with the services your home needs. And with our exceptional customer support, we make the process as pleasant as possible. We serve Lewes, DE, and Denton, MD. Call us at (302) 703-6754 for a free inspection.

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