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Choosing the color of your new roof can be an enjoyable decision when it comes time to replace your roof. It can be exciting to see a new shingle color make a big difference in the way your home looks.

In 2023, the roofing market offers plenty of colors and textures designed to help your home look its best. Of course, all those options may feel overwhelming.

It’s worth taking time to determine the best shingle color for your home because well-matched colors can add to your house’s curb appeal when you’re ready to sell. You can maximize your real estate investment if the color scheme is timeless and beautiful.

Some shingles come in multiple shades and textures that offer a speckled design. While this can make it easier to highlight various colors at once, remember that there is nothing wrong with sticking with rustic earth tones or classic gray/black.

What’s most important is that your shingles complement your siding, the geographic location of your home, and your home’s overall style. Let’s look at each of these considerations and the most popular roofing shingle colors of 2023 in Delmarva.

Popular Delmarva Roofing Shingle Colors of 2023

Colors come in trends. But if your roofing is properly maintained, it can last for 30 years or more — well beyond the timeframe of current popular looks. Keeping that in mind, the most popular shingle colors we’ve installed in 2023 are:

Earth Tones

Weathered Wood

Appalachian Sky



Pewter Gray Charcoal


This works best with coastal homes and is popular along the Delmarva coast

Biscayne Blue

These popular shingle colors for 2023 are classics that look great with countless different siding colors and home styles. Keep in mind that even though certain shingles may be trending, the best color for your roof is the one that looks good with your home and will keep you happy for years to come.

How to Accent Your Siding

If your siding is a deep red, you won’t want a green shingle — no matter the current trend. Always match (or contrast) your roofing materials with your siding to get the most timeless look.

  • Beige siding: Often, darker roofing colors look best with a lighter home. We recommend a darker brown if you’d like to keep a neutral look.
  • Blue siding: This popular look has many complementary roofing shades, as it can look great with grays, black, or browns. Try offsetting a light siding with a darker roof, or vice versa, to help your home stand out.
  • Brown siding: This looks great with greens, gray, or multi-shaded browns. What’s most important is not to appear monochromatic.
  • Gray siding: Finally, grays look fantastic with darker roofing colors. Try dark gray, blues, or black. Darker gray shingles can also pop with light gray or off-white roofs.

Match Your Home’s Style

While the color of your siding is often the most important thing to consider when choosing your roofing shingles, there are other factors. Consider your home’s architecture to determine whether dark colors detract from the design.

Another consideration is your geographic location. Lighter colors will keep your home cooler in the summer, while dark roofs can hide the algae and moisture stains common along the coasts of Delmarva.

Spicer Bros. Construction is the go-to home renovation contractor in Delmarva. There’s a lot to consider, so contact experienced, professional roofers to help. Spicer Bros. Construction has experienced Design Consultants ready to meet with you and talk about the best shingle colors for your home’s roof. Contact us online today to get your questions answered.

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