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A damaged roof not only fails to provide adequate protection from the elements—it also creates an eyesore on your exterior that can undermine your home’s curb appeal. Here, your trusted roofing company, Spicer Bros. Construction, shares three simple tips on keeping your roof in good shape and extending its life span.

Always Keep It Clean

The first step to preventing unnecessary damage is by keeping your roof clean and clear of debris. Call your local contractor to help you remove any debris that might be clogging up the gutter or to perform a complete roof cleaning. The longer you leave those twigs, dried leaves, and other items sitting there, the more you’re exposing your roof to damage.

Inspect Your Roof After a Storm

Seasonal storms can damage your roof, leading to leaks and other structural damage. To make sure your residential roofing system is still in good condition after a storm, contact a trusted roofing company like Spicer Bros. to conduct a complete inspection. Even if you don’t spot obvious signs of damage, it’s still a good idea to have it checked by professionals.

Address Problems as Early as Possible

Roof repairs cannot wait. If you notice small spots appearing on the ceiling, this may indicate a leak on your roof. Small issues like this can lead to bigger problems if you don’t address them immediately. Schedule repairs promptly if you notice any signs of damage. Our team knows how to handle different types of roofing problems and can get your roof back in working order quickly and efficiently.

Your residential roofing system is a valuable part of your home, so make sure to take good care of it. Spicer Bros. Construction can thoroughly inspect your system and conduct the necessary repairs. If we find that the damage is too extensive, we can also install a high-quality roof replacement.

Call us today at (302) 703-6754 for more roofing tips. We serve Beach and Lewes, DE, as well as Salisbury, MD.

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