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It takes years before you replace your old doors. It’s easy to ignore minor issues like loose hinges and fading paint when they still work fine, but if you find yourself patching up one problem after another, maybe it’s time for an upgrade.

Spicer Bros Construction, Inc., one of the leading roofing contractors in the area, discusses the common problems with old doors:

Difficulty With Closing Doors

Most old doors don’t open and close properly due to wear and tear. They might stick to the frames or make loud noises when used. This issue poses a safety hazard, especially for children. There is a high risk of sustaining finger injuries when shutting the door forcefully.

Costly Upkeep

Harsh weather conditions can take a toll on the appeal of your door, especially if it’s made of wood. It can fade, peel, and rot, which is way more than a cosmetic problem. You may need to scrape and repaint your door often to keep it in good condition, costing you a lot of time, money, and effort. As your reliable roofing company, we recommend investing in fiberglass doors because of their excellent weather resistance and low maintenance properties.

Lack of Energy Efficiency

Old doors become drafty over time because of worn-out weatherstripping. You can always repair this component when needed, but if it’s still causing energy loss in your home, then it’s better to replace the door instead with a sturdier, more energy-efficient one. Maybe your door has already warped or shrank because of prolonged exposure to heat, moisture, and other harmful elements.

Choose Therma-Tru® Doors for Your Next Replacement

As your premier source of quality roofing systems and entry doors, we recommend Therma-Tru Doors for your next door replacement because of their exceptional fiberglass technology. Unlike wood, they can withstand cracking, warping, and rotting in both humid and cold climates. They also come with a solid polyurethane foam core that has five times the insulating properties of wood. With their advanced Tru-Defense® system, you can rest easy knowing that your home stays weathertight and comfortable without the high energy costs.

When your old doors have sustained damage beyond repair, turn to Spicer Bros Construction, Inc. right away. We will improve the protection and beauty of your home with our state-of-the-art Therma-Tru Doors. Call us at (855) 375-0240 in Salisbury. We serve Salisbury, Ocean City, and surrounding areas in MD.

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