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Homeowners understand the importance of having a healthy, leak-free roof. Sometimes though, the roof’s age or the amount of damage caused by catastrophic conditions can leave you wondering about your next step: will you go for a complete roof replacement or simply do with a reroofing?

Roof Replacement and Re-roofing

The Difference Between Roof Replacement and Reroofing

Reroofing is generally more affordable than a full-on roof replacement. Reroofing involves layering new shingles on top of existing shingles to reinforce their performance.  However, it isn’t an option available to everyone: If you already have two or more roofing layers installed, reroofing should be avoided. Moreover, it’s better to reroof the entire system rather than focusing only on small parts. If reroofing is not an option for you, you should look into getting a complete replacement.

While it can be costlier, roof replacement can save you money over the long run by preventing issues caused by problematic old shingles. This process will address all of the issues on your system instead of simply covering them up. When you invest in this project, your contractor will remove each layer of shingles, as well as all other accompanying components, and replace then with new ones. This is a proven solution for a wide range of major roof problems, including significant leaks, multiple roof holes, damp underlayment, and more.

Roofing Materials to Consider

Today, there are numerous material options available on the market, making it more challenging for homeowners to pick the right one for their needs. But knowing the features your home needs and the differences between various materials will help simplify the process. Whether you’re planning to reroof or replace your roof entirely, be sure to consider these materials:

  • Asphalt Shingles – This material is known for its natural charm, ease of installation, and cost-effectiveness.
  • Metal –  Its most significant attributes include energy efficiency, superior weather protection, as well as versatility in design.
  • Slate – While it offers unparalleled old-world beauty, this material also offers longevity of up to 100 years or more.
  • Wood – It gives an organic, almost colonial feel to any architecture. Wood roofs come in numerous styles, colors, and textures.

Keep in mind that all these roofing jobs are best executed with the guidance of a professional roofing contractor. Be sure to talk to your trusted local roofer about your roof problems and your most ideal options before tackling any of these projects. Establish clear, open communications, discuss possible solutions to each problem with your roofer, and you’ll be surprised at how good your project will turn out in the end.

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