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Things to Expect During Your Re-Roofing

A roof replacement project is easier said than done. Nonetheless, choosing the right contractor is key to keep your sanity in check throughout the project.

If you’re looking for a roofing company Denton, MD, that can make your re-roofing convenient, consult Spicer Bros. Construction. Considering our long list of certifications, our roof replacement process ensures the job will be handled with efficiency, safety, and professionalism. Here are the key things you should expect from us:

Debris-Free Old Shingle Removal

Roof replacements can be messy, but not with our team. Our Equipter, a self-propelled, debris-collecting system, helps keep your yard mess-free and protected as we remove your old shingles. With its low-impact tires and capacious container, the Equipter could raise up to roof level and collect all worn out roofing materials and nails, regardless how tight the space may be.
This versatile equipment helps expedite our job as we don’t need to clean up as much after we discard your old roof. Our efficient debris-handling process allows us to move on to the next task quickly, while keeping your landscape virtually untouched.

Meticulous Roof Inspection

To ensure your home is ready for your replacement roofing in Lewes, DE, we’ll assess the condition of your roof deck. Our diagnosis will reveal how much work is necessary to complete the job, setting your expectations right.
Apart from the guaranteed excellent installation of your new roof, we’ll put fresh flashing to every penetration, such a chimney, skylights, and plumbing vents among others. This will help prevent water leaks.

Handy On-Site Supervisory

Our team is led by an experienced on-site supervisor to keep you on the same page from start to finish. With our professional team, we will make sure everything stated in the contract you signed gets done. If you have any concerns, we will assist you. Through the guidance of our job supervisor, expect to get exactly what you pay for.
Hire the reliable roofing contractor in Lewes, DE, and make your home improvement a stress-free experience. Call Spicer Bros. Construction now at (302) 703-6754 to schedule your in-home consultation.

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