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Video Blog: What Makes James Hardie® Siding an Ideal Option?

By February 8, 2017September 20th, 2022No Comments

Your siding in Lewes, DE, is one of your home’s primary lines of defense against the elements. The quality of your siding can make or break your home’s energy efficiency and protection against severe weather conditions. In addition, siding is a central component of your home’s aesthetic. Available in different materials, styles, and profiles, siding can accentuate your architectural style.

Investing in James Hardie® siding ensures long-term performance and beauty for your exterior. Made from fiber cement, our siding outlasts other siding materials. Here, Spicer Bros. shares what makes this siding ideal for your home:

  1. Excellent Durability: James Hardie’s fiber cement siding is five-times thicker than vinyl siding, so it will retain its shape for many years. In addition, it is resistant to pests, mold, and rot, unlike wood, and it only requires minimal maintenance, sparing you considerable hassle and expense.
  2. Superb Protection: You can enjoy a damage-free interior for years by investing in James Hardie siding. With its exceptional strength, our siding can withstand severe conditions including extreme heat, moisture, snow, and winds. This will save you from costly repairs and maintenance.
  3. Energy Efficient: James Hardie siding offers a weather-tight seal and strong insulation for your home, preventing water infiltration and energy leakage. James Hardie’s unique HardieZone® System features specific performance attributes to match the climate in your region, enhancing the comfort of your living space while reducing your utility bills.
  4. Boosts Your Curb Appeal: James Hardie siding offers the genuine look of wood. It features a ColorPlus® Technology finish, which resists chipping, peeling, and fading caused by weathering. Available in a selection of color palettes to help you achieve the visual appeal you want, this siding provides a distinctive beauty for your home that will last.
  5. Backed With a Strong Warranty: James Hardie siding is backed with a 30-year warranty, while the colors are backed with a 15-year warranty. This will ensure your long-term protection and greater peace of mind.

As a reliable siding contractor in Salisbury, MD, Spicer Bros. can install James Hardie siding for your home. With our outstanding workmanship, you can enjoy the full benefits of this siding for decades. Call us today at (410) 546-1190 in Salisbury, or fill out our contact form for an in-home consultation.

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