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Unless you have been trained and certified for the job, it’s best to hire a skilled professional to perform work on your roof. Before you choose a contractor, be sure you know the full extent of your liability should an injury occur. It’s also crucial that you get the details in writing. As you shop for the best roofers in Salisbury, MD or in the Lewes, DE area, you should also take steps to protect yourself as a property owner.

Training Matters

First, you should always hire people who have been professionally trained for the work. Your friend or neighbor might have some experience with roof repairs, but it is dangerous to allow an untrained individual to perform roofing work on your home or commercial building.

Request Documentation

Although the contractor generally assumes liability for roofing work, there are exceptions. Thus, getting everything in writing is advisable.

Before you even think about choosing a particular company, ask to see proof of their roofing license, as well as proof of their insurance. Verbal assurances hold little to no value compared to a legal contract. You can also call the insurance company to confirm that a contractor’s policy is valid.     

When You Might Be Liable

There are some cases when a roofer’s injury may be the responsibility of the property owner. If any conditions could affect a worker’s safety, you must make this known. Issues such as a pest infestation or a damaged skylight component could lead to an accident when people are on your roof. If you are unable to remedy such a problem before your roofing work is scheduled, make sure that you inform your contractor about it beforehand. This is also an important detail to document before any work is performed. Send the contractor an email or a letter that describes any specific issues of concern.     

OSHA Compliance

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) provides regulations for roofers and other contractors. Don’t simply assume that a roofing company is OSHA compliant. You should make a point of requesting that the contractor follows OSHA regulations. They should implement vital safety protocols, such as using tie-offs when walking on the roof.

Take Action to Prevent Liability

As a property owner, your due diligence is critical when you are hiring a contractor. By taking certain precautions now, you may ensure that a mishap on your roof does not leave you liable.

The team at Spicer Bros. Construction has many years of contracting experience. We are committed to providing high-quality roofing work at your residential or commercial property. Contact us online for more information, or feel free to call us at one of our local phone numbers:

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