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Your roof protects your home from the elements, keeping you and your family comfortable and safe. Leaks and poor roof design or a faulty installation can cause collateral damage. Improperly channeled water runoff erodes the foundation of your home. Water ponding can cause sagging and leaks, and even deal damage to the exterior walls of your home.

Why Summer Is a Good Time for Roofing Projects

Thus, regular roof maintenance and periodic replacement are important. The question is, when should you call your roofing contractors? Here’s why summer is an ideal time to have work done on your roof:

Favorable Weather

Weather is the single biggest factor when considering a roofing project. Some seasons are impossible to work in, both for contractors and the materials needed. Summer ushers in the home repair season. It is the ideal time for roof repair and replacement. The sun is shining, there isn’t much rain and temperatures are favorable in general.

Slower Business

Summer is generally a slower time of year for roofing companies than fall. This is a good time to have your roof installed. Many people go on holidays and avoid any construction projects during this time. Business tends to pick up as fall approaches, which means you may have to wait for several weeks or a month to get a roofing contractor out to your home.

Seasonal Price Increases

Most suppliers raise their prices in spring and early fall. If you schedule a project during peak season, then you can expect an increase in price. Slow seasons bring lower prices as roofing contractors try to stir up extra work. Materials and labor costs tend to be lower in the summer than in the fall.

Spicer Bros. Construction, Inc. is the neighborhood roofing company you can trust. We have the experience and high-quality roofing materials for roof repair or replacement. It’s why so many rely on us as their roofing company in Salisbury and Ocean City, MD. To ask about getting a free estimate for your repair needs, call us today at (410) 546-1190 in Salisbury.

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