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A leaky roofing system is a big problem that should never be ignored. Even a small leak will eventually worsen and can cause serious damage to different parts of your home. In today’s post, we discuss common causes of roof leaks and how you can address these issues:

4 Things to Understand About a Leaky Roof

1. Broken or Missing Shingles

The shingles are the roof’s primary line of defense against the elements. They are designed to withstand strong winds as well as heavy rain. If your roof is leaking, check for broken or missing shingles and have them repaired or replaced right away.

2. Damaged Flashing

Flashing protects the most vulnerable areas of your roof from water damage. These metal strips act as an added layer of protection for your roof and help prevent moisture from creeping into your home.

3. Clogged Gutters

Gutters play a critical role in protecting your roof, siding, landscape and foundation from water damage. If your gutters are clogged, water may not be properly draining off of your roof. When hiring roofing contractors to inspect your roof, make sure that they check and clear your gutters too.

4. Your Roof Has Reached the End of Its Service Life 

Eventually, even well-maintained, high-quality roofs will fail. Find out how long ago your roof was built, and that should give you an idea of how far along into its lifespan it likely is. This will help you determine whether it makes sense to repair your roof or if it’s time to invest in a replacement.

At Spicer Bros. Construction, we are a trusted roofing company that ensures great customer satisfaction in every job we handle. Our team has grown since 2002 and continues to provide excellent products and services. We can schedule in-home consultations with you if your property is located in Salisbury or Ocean City, MD. Call us on our Salisbury line at (410) 546-1190.

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