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Information about roofing is easy to find online these days, but not everything you read is true. In today’s post, Spicer Bros. Construction debunks common misconceptions about roofing systems.

Debunking Common Misconceptions About Roofing

Myth 1: New Roofs Don’t Require Maintenance

Having a new roof doesn’t mean you can ignore maintenance. Prevention, as the ever-popular saying goes, is better than cure. You should have your roof inspected twice a year by a reliable roofing company, as well as after any strong storm hits your area, to ensure your system isn’t harboring underlying damage.

Myth 2: Roof Replacement Is a Great DIY Project

Seeing videos of people doing their own roof replacement may make you think you don’t need a professional roofing contractor. What most DIY videos or articles don’t tell you is that replacing your roof is a complex job that requires skills and experience. If you’re not careful, you may end up having to pay more to fix your mistakes than hiring an expert from the get-go would have cost you.

Myth 3: A Few Leaks are Okay

Even just one leak is definitely not a good thing. A minor roof leak will only worsen with time, and can eventually cause widespread damage in your home. As soon as you find any sign of water damage, contact your roofer right away.

At Spicer Bros. Construction, we would be happy to share our knowledge and expertise and help you understand what is truly good for your home. You can reach us by phone in Delaware at (302) 703-6754, in Salisbury at (410) 546-1190. We serve several areas, including Lewes, DE, and Denton, MD.

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