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Storms can do a lot of damage to your roofing system. To prevent further issues from developing after a storm, get in touch with a reliable roofing company like Spicer Bros Construction, Inc., immediately. Through our professional roof repair services, we can help bring your roof back to its former condition.

4 Types of Storm-Related Roof Damage


Learn the common types of roof damage caused by storms.

Missing Shingles

High winds can blow off asphalt shingles, which will leave some areas of your roof unprotected and susceptible to leaks. Address this issue right away to prevent more serious water damage. Note that some homeowners choose to replace the entire roofing system when there are large patches of missing shingles. Doing so helps preserve curb appeal and fortify their home’s weather protection.


During a storm, debris may collide with your roof, punching holes in it and causing wear and tear on the shingles. Water can then pass through the gaps and drip into the interior. Leaks may also affect the indoor temperature and comfort level of your home. No matter how small the leaks may be, hire a roofing contractor for a prompt roof repair.

Damaged Gutters

Gutters are adjacent to your roof, which makes them prone to storm damage, as well. During a roof repair, ask your roofer to inspect your gutters to address any damage.

Loss of Granules

Shingle granules help reflect heat from the sun to maintain comfortable indoor temperatures. Loss of granules is also a common roofing problem during storms.

Count on Spicer Bros. Construction for your roof installation and repair needs. We’ve been providing exceptional roofing services since 2002, so you can rest assured our team is ready to take on any roofing project. Call us today at (410) 546-1190 if you’re in Salisbury, and (302) 703-6754 if you’re in Delaware. You may also fill out our online form to learn more about our products and services. We serve residents of Lewes, DE, and Denton, MD.

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