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For homeowners who want a cost-effective roofing solution, asphalt shingles may be the best choice. This type of roofing system is the reigning champion in the residential roofing arena, thanks to its unique charm, long-lasting weather protection and eco-friendliness. Today Spicer Bros Construction, Inc., discusses why asphalt shingles are preferred by the highest number of homeowners across the country.

Asphalt Shingles: The Indisputable Champion of Roofing Materials


One of the best things about asphalt shingles is their versatility. This roofing material offers a natural look that can work with both traditional and contemporary homes. Plus, it comes in a wide range of colors and designs that complement most home styles. For help choosing the right shingle color and configuration, get in touch with your local roofer.


Asphalt shingles will not only improve your home’s curb appeal, but also its weather protection. They have excellent uplift and fire resistance, and with proper maintenance usually have an average life span of 30 years. This type of residential roofing system also won’t succumb to damage from debris impact easily since it’s made of solid, durable materials.

Ease of Installation

Unlike other roofing materials, asphalt shingles are lightweight, which makes them easy to install. This helps save time on installation, minimizing stress and disruptions.


Many people are looking for sustainable building materials that won’t harm the environment. Fortunately, asphalt shingles are highly recyclable. They can be reused for road construction and other roofing projects, making them a great option for environmentally-conscious homeowners.

Entrust your roof installation and repair to a reliable roofing company like Spicer Bros. Construction. Our years of experience in the field are a true testament of our commitment to quality roofing services. Call us today at (410) 546-1190 if you’re in Salisbury, and (302) 703-6754 if you’re in Delaware. We serve residents of Rehoboth Beach and Lewes, DE, and Salisbury, MD.

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