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5 Items to Check Before You Schedule Siding Replacement

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Home maintenance is in any homeowner’s checklist because a well-kept home can add value and increase curb appeal. A great way to start is with your siding. This component keeps your home protected from the elements all year long, ensuring comfort and safety.

Check Before You Schedule Siding Replacement

Before you schedule a replacement with your siding contractor in Salisbury, MD, here are some things you should check first:

1. Check if there are waves or ripples on your siding. This indicates that the siding is fastened too tightly to an uneven wall. Keep in mind that your siding in Lewes, DE needs room for expansion so they can perform properly.

2. Look for rust streaks on your siding. This shows that the contractor used the wrong nails or fasteners during the installation.

3. Missing or damaged caulking can let water inside your siding and cause moisture-related issues. The layers behind the siding should be able to stop any water that gets through the bottom line of your siding.

4. Look for signs of normal wear and tear. After years of exposure to rain, intense heat, and heavy rain, your siding may need touchups here and there.

5. See if there are any rotten wood or holes caused by small animals. These can serve as passageways where water can enter.

Once you’ve done your siding inspection, you can rely on Spicer Bros. Construction for a quality siding replacement. We can look for hidden damage and recommend the type of siding that suits your needs. We carry different types of siding materials for your home, such as:

• Fiber cement – We are proud to carry James Hardie® fiber cement siding, one of the best in the industry. With HardieZone®, you can get the right siding that will suit your area’s climate. Fiber cement siding is also resistant to insects and rot.

• Vinyl – This versatile material complements any type of architectural style. It is also durable, low maintenance, and impact-resistant.

• Stucco – This type of siding, also looks great on any home style. It is fire-resistant and comes in a wide array of colors.

• Wood – If you have a traditional home or if you’re looking for a rustic siding material, wood is your best option.

Replacing your siding can improve your home’s comfort and efficiency. New siding can also give your home’s exterior a facelift.

Call us today to learn more about siding replacement. You can also schedule a consultation through our contact form.

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