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5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Spicer Bros Construction Inc.

By August 4, 2014September 20th, 2022No Comments

Our homes hold everything that we hold dear. It’s far too valuable to be entrusted with just anybody. When it comes to home improvement projects, there are several contractors out there that a homeowner can rely on. How to know which roofing, gutters, windows, doors, and siding contractor in Salisbury MD and other surrounding areas is the most reliable? Here are five reasons why Spicer Bros Construction Inc. tops the rest:

1. It’s local. There’s a difference between asking a citizen and a tourist for directions. The former knows the area from inside out because he/she resides there. The same concept goes with choosing a contractor. You should choose one that knows the area, its most notable features, the problems it encounters, the needs of the people that stay there, etc. A contractor that knows all these knows how best to counter the problems that might arise, how to take advantage of its assets: how to address all your needs.

2. We have our own crews and trucks. This means no delays because we don’t need to wait for rental trucks. We’re eliminating the risk of having inconveniences caused by messed up paper work on bookings. We have our own team of professionals who go through a thorough screening process to ensure that we have only the best and most trustworthy so we’re sure that the quality of work is always excellent.

3. We have a full host of services for exterior remodeling. Spicer Bros Construction Inc. is committed to provide its customers with the best home exterior improvement services. The company has a line-up of services that ensures the most appealing, functional, and efficient home exterior structure: roofing, gutters, siding, windows, doors and can help with most any addition to your home.

4. We are a certified GAF Master Elite, CertainTeed ShingleMaster & TAMKO Pro contractor. These credentials testify the kind of quality of work we can provide for your home.

5. We use a Roof buggy so no mess in your yard. Unlike most contractors, our team doesn’t tear off your roof or old siding and throw it down into your yard. We bring the dumpster up to your roof! The dumpster is on a hydraulic lift so that there is less of a chance of waste and especially nails ending up in your yard, crushing your landscaping or simply looking messy.

To get a FREE estimate for home exterior renovations: roofing, gutters, windows, doors, and siding, Salisbury MD, and other surrounding areas, contact only the most reliable, Spicer Bros Construction Inc.

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