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The Lost Art of the Thank You Letter

By August 5, 2014September 17th, 2021No Comments

We realized today after receiving a lovely handwritten thank you note from one of our clients just how much it means to receive one. The time it took for Mary to sit down and write, address and send was much more than we could have expected and we are flattered by her kind words.  Here is a small excerpt (the thank you has been transcribed and posted on our customer reviews page)

gutter installation testimonial Salisbury MD

We also realize that although we try to take the time to thank every customer we don’t manage to write a thank you note. We want each and every customer to know that we do appreciate that you trusted us with your home. We also hope you know that we stand behind everything we said in our conversations leading up to you choosing Spicer Bros. We are here in the community and have been since 2002 and will continue to honor our warranties and guarantees and stand behind the work that we did. We hope that even if you don’t have the time to write us a hand written note, that you will take a few moments to either fill out the survey that was emailed or texted to you at the completion of the job or if you didn’t get an email that you’ll go to our Customer Reviews page and let us know how we did. We do take every comment, compliment and criticism seriously and work to have the best team in Salisbury or wherever you are in the Delmarva peninsula servicing each and every home. We want every person who we did work for to be 100% satisfied with the work that was done so if there is ever anything you’d like to tell us about our work, please either call the office, send us an email or fill out our customer reviews form and we’ll attend to your question or concern.

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