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Replacing your roof is a matter of timing. If you do it too soon, you won’t get the most of the original; if you do it too late, you risk your home’s structural integrity, efficiency, and safety.  As the trusted name in residential roofing in Salisbury, MD, Spicer Bros. Construction shares with you five warning signs you need a new roof. Pay

Signs that you need a new roof

1. Cracked Tiles, Curled Shingles

Whether you have tiles or shingles, you know you need to replace them when they no longer look the way they used to be. The cracking or curling of your roof materials is proof that years and the elements have taken their toll.

Of course, a replacement only makes sense if the majority of them have those forms of wear. Still, the lack of these visible signs from the street shouldn’t keep you from considering the idea either. Be sure to contact the leading roofing company in Rehoboth Beach, DE, to inspect the roof. This way, we can determine how widespread the issue is.

2. Exposed Decking

If your entire roof has some missing pieces, it’s a real cause for concern. The falling of your shingles or tiles leaves your roof deck exposed to the elements defenseless. That sets the stage for water damage. Fortunately, we offer an array of roof repair services to address your needs. We’ll check for damage to make sure we resolve any problem.

3. Sunlight through Your Roof

How do you know if your roof deck has succumbed to moisture? It’s when you see daylight infiltrating through your roof. It means its underlying decking has already weakened, which is the loudest call for a replacement you could ever get. Our range of replacement roofing options can resolve this issue. Check our selection of asphalt shingles, slate, wood, and metal roofing systems to get started.

4. Rotting Roof Deck

When your roof looks droopy from the outside, there’s seriously wrong with it. The sag means that your roof boards have rotted, perhaps due to the trapped moisture. Compromised decking only has one real solution: a replacement. We provide roof replacement services to address this issue. Be sure to check our extensive selection of roofing options.

5. End of Warranty

Any type of residential roofing in Lewes, DE, even slate, would one day need a replacement. If you still have your current roof’s warranty, it would tell you when its life span ends. Understand your roof’s warranty to be sure.

Let Spicer Bros. Construction help you find out if it’s high time you get a new roof. Call (302) 703-6754 now at (302) 703-6754 and schedule your in-home consultation at your convenience.

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