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Choosing your siding color isn’t just a fun part of your remodel; it’s also an important one. The fate of your home’s curb appeal certainly rests on your decision. As a reliable siding contractor of Salisbury, MD, Spicer Bros. Construction can help you select the right ColorPlus® Technology shade for your new James Hardie® siding system.

Siding Color

As this technology makes sure your siding retains its stunning finish and resists fading, think of the best hue. Here are the top rules:

Rule #1: Be Imaginative

Feel free to run your imagination wild. James Hardie offers a huge array of ColorPlus shades to choose from, so you can be as creative as you want. Pick a color that represents your personality.

Be sure to at least understand the basics of color psychology and theory. Know how each hue affects the mood and the effect when you place one next to another.

Rule #2: Don’t Ignore Nature

Draw inspiration from the landscapes around. The trees, your garden, and the general area that surrounds your home. Making your siding in Lewes, DE, blend beautifully to the nature’s elements never fails.

Rule #3: Pay Attention to the Fixed Elements

While no exterior element could match the visual impact of your siding, it should go well with other architectural features. This particularly refers to those that would remain unchanged after the project. In the end, the charm of your siding panels is relative to their relationship with your roof, trim, and accents.

Rule #4: Look Next Door

Generally, it’s best to conform to the rest of the neighborhood. It pays to be inspired by the palettes of your neighbors, but avoid mimicking the exact same color schemes they’re using. Instead, pick a different shade for your siding, and create your own combination. This way, your home wouldn’t look out of place, but stand out.

Want to discuss your siding color ideas? Call Spicer Bros. Construction now and let’s get your project rolling!

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