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The ceiling trim of your interior is a vital part of your home’s design. The right trim can add character and charm to your living space.

In this post, roofing company Spicer Bros Construction, Inc. shares ceiling trim ideas you can apply in your home’s interior.

Generous Amounts of Trim

Even plain trim can make a big impact when used generously. Apply trim on the frames of your doorways and the base and tops of the walls and beyond. If applied right, expansive trim can become a lovely eye-catcher for your home. CertainTeed®’s new Terminus Trim line is an excellent product that will add lasting beauty to your home.

Wood Trim

Wood trim might is a classic choice, but can sometimes look a bit heavy. To give it a sense of lightness, have the wood trim run up to the ceiling and use it to frame a ceiling light fixture. This allows you to highlight an otherwise plane ceiling.

Thin Trim

Want your home to have a clean and modern look? One way to achieve this is by installing thin trim around your open doorways, on the baseboard and at the juncture between the ceiling and walls. Your local residential roofing contractor explains that a thin trim can help you establish an airy feel, and a darker shade can also help you achieve a crisp, sophisticated aesthetic in your home’s interior.

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