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Regular cleaning and maintenance are necessary to maximize the service life of your siding. These maintenance steps may include washing, conditioning, staining or painting. You wouldn’t want to skip a needed step or waste time on unnecessary maintenance.

Essential Siding Maintenance Tips

Clean your home’s siding every six months or more to keep it in optimal condition for many years to come. Inspect it for damage at least every six months, or after violent storms and high winds.

Vinyl Siding Maintenance

Vinyl siding is a low-maintenance type of siding, but it still needs some TLC throughout the year. A good pressure-washing twice a year will reduce damage and renew your siding’s bright colors. Check your vinyl siding often throughout the year for loose or cracked boards.

Over time, you may notice grime or dirt on your vinyl siding. When cleaning, use a brush with soft bristles to avoid scratching or scraping the siding. Steer clear of liquid grease removers, furniture polish and dish soaps, which can compromise the shine and finish on your vinyl siding. Always use solutions suggested by your vinyl siding installer.

Wood Siding Maintenance

Generally, wood siding needs a little bit more care than other materials. Like vinyl siding, it requires regular cleaning. Unlike vinyl, wood is porous and thus more vulnerable to the elements. It requires paint, stain, or sealant to prevent it from moisture, rot and decay. Wood siding needs staining or repainting every four to six years. Inspect for cracks, loose boards and insect damage. Make those repairs as soon as possible to avoid the need for more costly repairs later.

Wood expands and contracts with normal changes in humidity and temperature. These fluctuations may cause paint finishes to chip and crack. Over time they put stress on caulked seams. If the caulk separates it will fail to keep out moisture and wood rot may develop. Even redwood, cypress and cedar may decay if not protected from the elements.

Hire a Professional

Sometimes homeowners are too busy to have time for projects like siding maintenance. There is always the option of hiring a professional siding contractor to clean and maintain your home’s vinyl or wood siding. Professionals know the best techniques to keep your siding in pristine condition for many years.

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