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When it comes to roofing, you have two choices: flat or sloped. While each one has its own pros and cons, it’s up to you, the owner, to decide which one suits your specific needs. Fortunately, Spicer Bros has your residential roofing needs covered.

Flat vs. Sloped Roofs

Here’s a closer look at the two roofing types.


By far the biggest advantage of a flat roof is the expense. From the initial building to the materials used, flat roofs are cheaper than sloped ones. The cost of installation materials run about .80 a foot. This makes a flat roof affordable both in terms of upfront and life-cycle costs.

Flat roofs create additional living space at the top of your home. A flat roof can be an effective roofing solution at an affordable price. A flat roof can provide space for AC vents and exhaust pipes. Its symmetrical design can support heavy equipment, like an air conditioning unit. It can also serve as a rooftop garden or lounging area.

They provide easy access when the time comes to clear out the rain gutters. They also allow easy visual maintenance checks for any problems. Flat roofs don’t need shingles or other decorative materials like sloped residential roofing systems. Additionally, damage can be usually repaired at less cost than a sloped roof. A flat roof has a typical shelf life of 30 years.


Sloped roofs, on the other hand, are the more traditional choice for residential properties. They provide homes with extra attic space and are not vulnerable to pooling water during the wet seasons. Perhaps, the most significant advantage they have that makes them the homeowner’s choice is that many consider them to be more aesthetically appealing.

Spicer Bros. Construction, Inc. is your neighborhood roofing company. We have the experience and the high-quality materials for roof repair or replacement. Many rely on us as their roofing company in Lewes, DE, and Denton, MD. To get a free estimate, fill out our form today.

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