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Preparing for Fall: Roofing Improvements to Prioritize

By September 16, 2015July 1st, 2016No Comments

Your roof is considered a key investment, which is why you want to keep it in top condition all of the time. However, being one of the more inaccessible parts of your home, doing a regular inspection and maintenance may be difficult and risky. This is why a lot of homeowners opt for hiring roofing contractors in Salisbury, MD,and the surrounding areas, for roof maintenance. Nonetheless, homeowners should still have a working knowledge of the main roofing parts, common problems, and corresponding maintenance jobs that need to be done regularly. Here are some of them.

roofing improvement

  • Gutters

The gutters can be susceptible to clogging due to a buildup of dried leaves, dirt, and debris. If they are not cleaned on a regular basis, water may not drain properly, which could lead to a leaking roof. Not only can this cause mold and mildew to grow in around your home, but it may also damage the internal structure of your property.

  • Shingles

Some of the common problems with shingles are discoloration, curling, and detachment. Not only will they be an eyesore, but damaged or missing shingles will leave the underlying wood exposed to moisture. This makes the wood susceptible to mold, rotting, and other types of damage that can eventually cause major problems to the overall integrity of your roofing system.

  • Fascia

This is the front board along your roof line. The fascia is easily damaged by moisture, especially when water runs along it because of a clogged gutter or drainage system. Additionally, it is a favorite place for insects build to their homes or nests (bees, termites, etc). Clogged and leaking gutters should be resolved as soon as possible to prevent water from running down the fascia. Also, regular inspection for breeding insects should be on your list.

  • Soffit

Along with the fascia, this is a common target by breeding animals and insects because they are attracted to the wood underneath the roof overhang. As such, you should be mindful of these animals and insects and make sure to inspect this part of your roof frequently.

  • Flashing

This is the material found around pipes, vents, and other protrusions on your roof. This is a common spot for damage due to water leaks. Always remember that the flashing should be fastened tightly during installation because improper installation may lead to other problems.

As you prepare your roof for fall and winter, make sure to get all these parts checked. If the task is beyond your capabilities, call Spicer Bros. Construction, a professional roofing company in Ocean City, MD, to handle the task. We can do the necessary improvements and upgrades to ensure a more functional roofing system that is ready for any season. Call us today.

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